The Russian language has a huge variety of words and phrases, many of which have not one, but several meanings. All words of the Russian language make up its lexical wealth. The vocabulary section of the site lists what types of words are and examples are given. To determine and systematize the words of the Russian language, special collections are compiled – Russian dictionaries.

Types of Dictionaries

Dictionaries of the Russian language are divided into two large groups:

  • encyclopedic – objects and phenomena of the world are explained
  • linguistic – explain the lexical meaning of words.

Linguistic dictionaries are a collection of Russian dictionary entries in alphabetical order. Each dictionary entry contains a word and a description of the word (grammatical forms, lexical meaning, etc.). Linguistic dictionaries are diverse in structure and purpose: some contain the interpretation of words (explanatory), others indicate the norms for spelling words (spelling), others indicate the norms of pronunciation (orthoepic), etc.

Depending on whether you want to receive information about the pronunciation of the word, its origin, the correct spelling of the word forms, to clarify the compatibility of the word, its meaning, etc., you should choose the appropriate type of dictionary. The introductory article for each dictionary indicates how to use the dictionary and what information about the word is the main object of the dictionary description. Language guides in the Russian language are general and aspectual.

Dictionaries of the general type include explanatory dictionaries. They contain basic information about the grammatical characteristics, the meaning of words, provide examples of their correct use in the text.

The aspect dictionaries include all those directories, the subject of the description of which are the individual characteristics of the word as an element of the language system. Such dictionaries include: orthoepic dictionaries, spelling dictionaries, grammar dictionaries, dictionaries of correctness and difficulties, dictionaries of antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, paronyms, dictionaries of foreign words, phraseological dictionaries, etc. Information related to a particular word symbol is also given in industry directories . However, this information concerns objects and phenomena that are indicated by words, and not the words themselves with their meanings, used in Russian as a state function.

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