If Aaron Rodgers’ piggy wailed, “Wee, pee, wee,” the entire way home following the Packers’ game on Wednesday, he went to great lengths to reject claims that he had covid toe. During a Zoom conference, the Green Bay Packers quarterback announced that he had a fracture in his left pinkie toe.

Rodgers put his barefoot in front of the camera and showed off five fingers that seemed to be free of covid-related “lesions,” as he put it, to prove that the wound was not infected.

Rodgers Shows Out His Foot To Prove That He Doesn’t Have A ‘Covid Toe’

There are no blemishes of any kind. Oh my god, Rodgers chuckled with a sarcastic smile. Do not confuse misinformation with the propagation of false information about someone. He had a torn toe and was unable to walk.

Rodgers Shows Out His Foot To Prove That He Doesn't Have A 'Covid Toe'

In accordance with NFL procedure, Rodgers sustained his injury while undergoing the 10-day isolation period imposed by league rules after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier this month. A toe injury he sustained while “attempting to boost my fitness” was only discovered when he returned to the Packers’ training facility.

To evaluate the extent of his injuries, he had an X-ray. After missing the previous week’s setback to the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay’s Week 10 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks took place the day before, and Rodgers made a remarkable comeback in a win despite limited preparation.

However, he had to be taken off the field for treatment during the Packers’ Week 11 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. “Very, extremely bad” was how he characterized his pain afterward, although he didn’t go into detail about what was wrong with him. While playing in the first half, another player stepped on him, which caused him to suffer from several symptoms.

As a follow-up to the news conference, Rodgers had his regular Tuesday media session when he was asked about the severity of his illness. Rodgers couldn’t come up with a response to the question. Following his postgame statement that he had an issue more severe than turf toe, Rodgers said that the difficulty with the ailment is that it affects the joints in your big toe and is exceedingly painful, something he has previously experienced. Since the ailment is more severe than just “turf toe,” it’s evident to him that it’s a bone-related issue.

Despite the lighthearted tone of the show and Rodgers’ prior assertion that his condition was a “bone issue,” numerous media sites took the “covid toe” quip at its value. At Wednesday’s news conference, Rodgers said he anticipated an apology from the Wall Street Journal.

According to a statement provided by the organization, the rest of the season is all about pain management for Rodgers as he continues to rehabilitate from a fractured pinkie toe. Other surgical treatments do not need time away from work. He went on to explain that he would definitely think about all of his options during the break and decide what the best course of action would be to guarantee that he made it to the finish line.

There is no way that he will miss a day of work. However, although Rodgers seemed annoyed that some people appeared to have forgotten his joke, the Packers quarterback insisted that he wants to put his best foot forward as they continue their 8-3 season in the chase for a Super Bowl.