The recent reports from the American Academy of Paediatrics state that the Covid cases among children are surging across the US and it will further rise if parents won’t allow their kids to get vaccinated.

As per the analysis from the US CDC, more than 50 percent of the parents whose kids fall under the vaccination eligibility have availed their kids at least one dose of vaccination, and 32 percent of the parents are waiting for further studies so that they can make up their minds for the vaccines.

The Rise Of The Covid Cases Amongst The Kids Is A Matter Of Concern

New Covid cases in Children are up by 24% over the previous week in the US. The official report said that in the last week there were around 164, 289 new Covid cases among children. 

The Rise Of The Covid Cases Amongst The Kids Is A Matter Of Concern

According to the research the cases amongst children are spiking and it is creating havoc amongst the parents as the new variant is more transmissible and will infect more kids if they are not vaccinated. These numbers are astonishing and a great cause of worry for the US government as the festive reason is arriving.

After the approval of the emergency use of vaccination for adolescents of 12-15 years, the demand to safeguard the lives of kids below this age group started to rise and in the month of November, the Covid vaccination for children between the ages group of 5 to 11 was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The objective of introducing the vaccination is to limit the increase in the number of Covid cases and protect Children from the infection.

With the outbreak of the Omicron variant in the United States many medical experts demanded authorization of the covid 19 booster shots for the age group of 16-17 years. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of booster shots for 16-17 years teenagers in the United States. 

This step was taken due to the diminishing effectiveness of the vaccines against the omicron variant and those who received the second dose at least 6 months back are eligible to receive a booster shot. Now 16 years and above all are authorized to receive the booster shots as soon as possible. 

As per the AAP, since the last September a steep rise in the number of Covid cases in children

Positively, it is noticed that the children are less likely to get hospitalized due to Covid infection. Moreover, there is also a small percentage of death among children due to Covid. 

As per the CEO of Pfizer, the scientists are working on conducting clinical trials for the vaccines for 2-4 years of kids. Also, the initial analysis and reports have been submitted to the FDA and more tests are being conducted for further analysis. 

The vaccine developer is still contemplating and looking at data to draw some definite conclusions. Meanwhile, the federal government is urging all eligible citizens to get their shot of vaccination at the earliest.