As the winter is approaching the health officials of the US are concerned about public health during the winters as the Covid 19 virus spreads fastly during this season. The wake and spread of the Omicron variant taking the spotlight in the US is now the latest concern for all. 

Medical Experts Warns Covid And Flu Will Be A Deadly Combination

The health experts are expressing their worry about the growth of the new variant and the increase in the number of cases due to the Omicron. 

Medical Experts Warns  Covid And Flu In The US Will Be A Deadly Combination

According to the reports, there has been a sudden rise in Flu cases along with Delta variant cases across the US. The current situation in the US is demanding to increase the Covid testing capacities to the fullest and it is expected that with the rise in cases, the testing kits will go out of stock during late January and February. The per-day testing during the peak time might be as high as 3-5 million.

Lori Tremmel Freeman, chief executive officer of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Wednesday said, “The combination of flu, Delta and Omicron is deadly and it will surely lead to something worse. It is challenging the current public health systems in the US. It has already impacted several areas of jurisdiction and we don’t want it to overwhelm the systems now.” So, people need to defend themselves through precautionary measures.

It’s been almost more than a year that the Flu is not existing in the US, but if this time it spreads, it will expand much faster than the covid 19 and can even infect almost 33 million people in less than 6 months. 

However, recently it was found that in many areas of the country, the cases of Flu have been reappearing, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been keeping an eye on the rising cases of the omicron variant and flu.

The nation and its citizens are grappling and doing their best to combat the situation. Dr. Manisha Patel confirms in the last 18 months there were no influenza cases in the US. She also stated that the jury is researching and trying to find out the exact reason for the same. 

According to the data released by the US CDC, during the first week of December, there were around 841 hospitalization cases due to influenza. Before that week there were only 496 admissions due to Flu, which is almost double the cases and it has raised more questions on the credibility of the flu. If mixed with the omicron version, the flu will badly hurt the United States to the core.

The majority of the influenza flu case is reported in young children between the age of 5 to 24. The federal government is worried about the combined circulation of flu and Covid; as they could severely stress and impact the health care system of the country. 

The country can’t afford a new wave but it will be going to happen in the upcoming weeks.