It’s a race we’re all on to fulfill our goals and secure our future. The main goal for most people is financial independence. It has taken Ricky Villanueva on a winding road but he has made it. He is now among the best in the network marketing industry.

One of the most admirable traits that Villanueva possesses is his drive and consistency. It didn’t happen overnight for Ricky V; it has been a 10-year journey that has seen him become the success he is now.

Through his ups and down, Villanueva was able to take all the lessons that came his way in stride and they have helped him build his network marketing company into the success it is today.

Ricky Villanueva is a thoroughbred entrepreneur who started young — at the age of 13 he was both working and running from immigration. He is not a native English speaker and throughout his career, he has experienced losses that set him back in his business. However, all these served to build him into the persistent and consistent entrepreneur he is.

According to Villanueva, his driving force is his family and his immense love for his dream. He worked a 9-5 job to help him stay afloat as he was building his business on the side, and within 90 days he was the top salesman at his job. Right after he quit his job and focused on his business, he launched his network marketing agency in November, he became the youngest and fastest growing millionaire in the industry in a span of 8 months.

Having taken time to reach his goal, Ricky V is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, especially in sales without making the mistakes he made. He has grown a team of 100,000 reps and 350,000 customers, all within 12 months and generating over $80 million in sales.

In his quest to help others realize and utilize their sales potential, Villanueva wishes to have people understand that they need to be passionate about sales. It is a profession that he wholeheartedly loves because it has no limits on income or how far you can go with it.

Moreover, in the network marketing business you can become anything you desire; it is an industry that does not discriminate on gender, race, age or even social class. Sales rewards are equal to the effort you put into it.

It is heartwarming to see successful young people share their knowledge and lessons they’ve learned with others. Ricky V is definitely a role model to every entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur in the network marketing industry.