The vaccine mandate has become a headache for the Federal government since its initial days. The Biden’s Administration passed the rule of vaccine mandate for health care workers and all private-sector employees and it created a sense of havoc amongst these groups. 

More than 22 states were against this rule and filed a lawsuit in court. Even the matter was moved from the 5th Circuit court to the 6th circuit. 

The Republican Party Lawmakers Opposes The Decision Of Government

The state of Florida has been against the law since the day it was passed and last week on Thursday The Governor of Florida went for the media chair and spoke to all the supporters.

He then after seeking complete support signed the unlawful rule against the vaccine and mask mandate in the city. 

The Republican Party Lawmakers Opposes The Decision Of Government

The previous week the FDA allowed booster shots for people over 18 years making them eligible to determine if they need a vaccination or not. Earlier the booster shots were only available for people above the age of 65 and above. This showed that the government and the people both trust vaccination and are willing to take it.

The republican party on the other hand is opposing this decision of the Central Government. They are promoting natural immunity over vaccine-induced immunity. Many scientist researchers have stated that vaccination is the only tool to fight the covid 19 for the long term and natural immunity can’t. 

While signing the law, the Florida government followed the footsteps of the GOP and wrote in the law that natural immunity is the only alternative to fight covid 19. 

A recent study was conducted by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and it was found that unvaccinated people are five times more prone to the Covid 19 virus than those who have received both shots of their vaccine. 

Last week also Dr. Anthony Fauci, The Chief Medical Adviser of the States showed his concern towards those who are fully vaccinated. According to him those who are unvaccinated are a major threat to all the vaccinated citizens in the USA. Since April this year, 85 percent of the cases are coming from unvaccinated people. 

As per the research from CDC, it was found that the citizens who took both doses of vaccine are most likely to be safer than those who did not take the vaccine shots. This shows that vaccination is the only way to keep yourself protected against the delta variant. Natural immunity depends on the severity of the infection.

The USA has seen a big surge in the average rate of covid cases and it might get worse because winters and Christmas holidays are around the corner. The natural immunity debate came into existence after the President’s rule on vaccine mandate for employees and health care workers. 

The political rivalry between the GOP and The Democratic party must not negatively affect the people of the US. Some state governments like Florida have passed the rule to penalize the employers if they follow Biden’s vaccine mandate rule. Since the rate of covid cases is increasing, there should be a sync between The White House and State Governments to think for the betterment of the Citizens of the USA.