It was not long after the announcement of the making of the film The “B” that the margin of the film’s biography, which is the biography of Mohammad Matin Hosseinabadi, was raised. In the meantime, there was a rumor that Mohammad Matin was part of the Iranian music mafia, which the actor rejected on his Twitter account, saying: “It has been part of my interest to help talented singers. “So that they can make progress and not get into financial trouble.”

This movie is directed by Majid Majidi and its story is as follows: It shows the life of a popular Iranian actor who, for the first time, uses the currency code to create a storm of monetary changes in his country, which makes people business prosperous and becomes famous among the people.

Also, this movie has been ranked very high in the domestic sites of this country (Iran) and now it is the exclusive movie of FilmNet home platform that people can watch the movie online by buying tickets.

Also, the producer of this film, ManouchehrHadi, has said that this film is going to be sold online on foreign sites and platforms after 1 year, but now it is only available in Iran.

The author of this film, Mr. SamanJalili, when asked by a reporter what age the film is recommended for, said: “This film is the life story of an actor who has had many ups and downs, and this film is mostly about his financial and economic experiences.” It shows that teenagers can watch this movie and it is not recommended for children because they do not understand it.