While shifting to an E-Commerce site, there is a general trend among the customers of various age groups of being skeptical about the products that are available online. The traditional methods of Brick and Mortar business models provided various ways through which the consumers were able to please their eyes and satisfy their inquisitive minds as they can verify the products themselves and get themselves convinced with the words of the retailer. This kind of interaction between a retailer and a consumer keeps the base of relationship on which they can erect the building of trust for retaining the loyalty of customers and enhancing their sales.

E-commerce Sites Need A Blog Boost Shot

So when we are taking a leap from the traditional brick-and-mortar business to digital businesses on E-Commerce platforms, the trust factor plays a major role. Customers tend to research thoroughly before deciding to purchase any product online.


One of the major centers of attention is ‘card abandonment’.  And the only causal explanation one can think of is the sheer lack of trust seen in the site and the failure of meeting the requirements of the customers.

I rush to the blogs before I buy

A survey of 1000 customers by Dynata which was formerly called Research Now, taken in 2014 says that 84 percent of them brought the products based on their judgments on how they looked in various blogs. 46 percent of them used to go through blogs during initial product investigation. And even reports say that one in every four brought the products every month based on the content present on blogs. These data are quite evident that customers visit different sites or blogs to gather detailed information about the product.

A blog to gather a crowd

It’s not strange to say that the increasing number of blogs in a particular E-Commerce site gathers a crowd miraculously. According to a report by Hubspot, the websites with blog posts created 434 percent more indexed pages. The indexed pages in Google enhance the website’s position in Search Engines rankings. The Search Engine rankings generate more leads attracting customers who are in search of answers for their valuable questions. Here is how authority is built by the website.

Builds awareness and loyalty

The information contained in a blog post act as a bulletin board for the customers the E-commerce sites are targeting. They help the information reach the target audience through different social media platforms enhancing the online visibility of the websites. This way the consumers prefer to come back to the site again and again retaining their loyalty which again is a challenge the E-commerce sites dwell in.

Important for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization provides answers to Internet users by connecting the dots of relevancy and coming up with desired results. While racing for the top-most position in the Search Engines, they provide a way straight into the customer’s vision to click at their websites. And we shoppers follow the same psychology, clicking on the topmost links at once that come our way. So, blogs act as crawlers reaching out to billions of interconnected documents. The various links and phrases present in the blog contents can help connect to various information available throughout the internet, consequently helping climb the ladder of Google ranks.

Relating to the readers

Trying to dive deeper into the mindsets of consumers, it is very likely that they would visit the site more where they can relate to their daily lives well. So, often blogs aim at empathizing with their customers. Addressing an issue or expressing an old feeling tends to connect with the customer’s emotions driving them crazy about your brand. This is how the brand gets a voice that is heard by millions.

Pave the way to Long-term results

Promoting the blog posts on social media channels and collecting followers, shares and views undoubtedly gathers the traffic but is more likely to fade away with time.

As soon as the blog post reaches the Search Engine Optimization rankings, it continues to be the most visited as long as it is present over the internet. So when an E-Commerce firm is investing in the blog-posts, it is marking its position for a long period of time providing a pretty substantial return on the investment.


It is therefore appealing to have a substantial amount of blog posts for the E-Commerce websites that create tentacles of information reaching out to various corners of the world.