Some homeowners believe that places will have negative energy that can cause unknown disturbances from time to time. They believe that a person’s emotions are related to their environment, so they conduct rituals to get rid of negative energy lingering around their house. 

The most common way of cleansing one’s home is through the use of sage smudge sticks. They use these sticks and perform a ritual known as “smudging,” a ritual practised by Native Americans for centuries. You may think that it is all make-believe, but most homeowners who have tried it have felt a positive change around their surroundings. Once the ritual is done, it can also grant more benefits aside from purifying living spaces. 

Improve Your Mental State

Most sage smudge sticks you use have the potential to lighten up your mood. This happens because the smudge sticks’ smoke can remove harmful energy in the air like excess positive ions. A few studies have found that having too many positive ions in your body can damage the cells, letting you experience that bad feeling inside. 

In some instances, the smudge sticks have an appealing, floral scent that can potentially relax your brain. Whenever your brain is relaxed, this lets you clear your mind off of problems for a while until you gain enough strength to face those problems again. You can also say that smudging is a natural antidepressant since it can lift your mood and the entire house. 

Remove Negative Energy

If you are frequently experiencing bad energy at home, you need to consider doing smudging at once. As mentioned, this ritual is known for removing negative energy in living spaces. The science behind this is that the smoke from the sage smudge sticks can assist in changing the molecular structure of the energy and air, ensuring that they are cleansed during the entire process. 

Eliminate Bad Bacteria in the Air

Some homeowners do smudging to clean the air inside their homes. This ritual has the potential to remove all sorts of pollutants around your home, such as dust, pollen, and other allergy triggers floating in the air. It can even protect you from dangerous particles like mould spores, which are extremely harmful when inhaled by a person. 

Cleanse Objects

Another ritual that some homeowners do is to cleanse new objects that enter their homes. You can never determine how the object was made or where it came from. This is especially true when you bring a previously owned object, including furniture, appliance, or even just a small locket. The previous owners may have surrounded these objects with negative energy, which can infiltrate and spread throughout the house. Smudging is a great way to eliminate any lingering negative energy on the object, ensuring that it will not give off any negative vibes to the home and the people around it. 

Improve Sleeping Habits

Are you having a hard time sleeping at night? If you want an alternative method aside from using sleeping pills, smudging can help you do that. Another study conducted found that the ritual has the potential to produce negative ions, which help make a person feel relaxed and sleep better. 

Now that you know the several benefits of smudging, you might start buying smudge sticks at once. No matter what kind of negative energy you want to remove in your house, doing the smudging ritual can do just that.