Hard work is always the key to success in any business for the success you must have devotion towards your work hard work always pay off sooner or later so we must give our fate a chance to flourish it same is the case with a popular African businessman he worked hard throughout his life in order to make his living we will discuss about his life struggles and hardships his full name is Rachid EI Khabbachi aka Jamal.


Jamal was not a usual kid in his childhood; he was born in a small town in Africa named Mauritania; in this town, all he saw was poverty hunger; he saw his parents battling for food according to him said that he also begged for food. He always wanted to give his family a good life at the starting of his career. He discovered that he could do street fighting, so he thought to give it a try, and in a very no time, he was one of the most paid fighters. Rachid is a motivational person. Once, he said, your today must be better than your future, and hard work is always very important, he stepped into business and started buying and selling products. In no time, he expands his business and becomes one of the most influential businessmen. Today Jamal is in a very good friendship with the top famous celebrities. They all are very good social media friends as well. Some of them are French Montana, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kendal Jenner, Travis Scott and many more Rachid invites them to Germany and France. They also love to invite him to different countries like Miami and Dubai.

Jamal’s social influence:

Rachi El Khabbachi also known as Jamal has a pretty interesting social media life. You will often find him hanging out with top rated celebrities and chatting with them on different Instagram posts. He has a strong social media following, and people really love and appreciate his hard work; he is also a true inspiration for most of his followers, and amazon Netflix is also working on making a documentary about his life because his life journey is a motivation for a lot of struggling beginners.