You loved playing kangaroo mom or dad with a baby sling, but there you go: baby is growing. It’s your back telling you. The only solution to avoid lumbago: invest in a stroller. All-terrain turbo-thruster stroller, foldable pushchair with the little toe, 15-in-1 rickshaw that gives the bath and prepares the bottle… Which car to choose to roam with baby?

Cane or combined stroller? Between an ultra-maneuverable pushchair and an evolving combination Jewish Baby stroller, your heart swings? Comfort, practicality, longevity, and price: here are some tips for choosing the future baby carriage without making a mistake. On your marks, get set, push-push!

Do you have a minivan? So much the better! If the combined stroller is the most complete option for transporting baby, it is also the most bulky. Do you travel by public transport? In this case, it is probably better to lighten your gear, under penalty of transforming the boarding of the bus into a Trans Himalayan expedition! Good to know: investing in a combined stroller is profitable provided it is used immediately after leaving the maternity ward. For the same reasons, this complete solution will be particularly suitable for your first child the following ones will benefit from it.

Pushchair: the foldable 2nd age rickshaw nothing like a nap in a pushchair after having fun in the square! Compact, light and economical, the pushchair takes up a minimum of space when folded. Rather, it is suitable for young children who can sit still (around 9-12 months), until they are 3-4 years old. Some models accommodate infants with an inclined mattress. This is then referred to as an approved baby stroller. Like the combined rickshaw, the pushchair is available in a 3 or 4 wheel version. You will appreciate it for its maneuverability and its affordable price.

Trio stroller or duo stroller? After much debate and Chi-Fu-mi negotiations with your partner, you have decided to buy a combined stroller (hallelujah). But already another parental dilemma arises for you: duo stroller or trio stroller? Don’t panic, here are the keys to help you resolve this difficult choice.

These 2 combined Jewish Baby stroller models are generally accompanied by childcare accessories such as the canopy (anti-UV and anti-rain protection), a step (practical for resting the older child who refuses to walk) or even a changing bag. Scalable rickshaws whether you opt for a combination stroller duo to trio, it is better to buy it from birth so that it follows the baby’s growth. The investment would be useless beyond that. The carrycot is also very practical when leaving the maternity ward, when the time comes to present the baby.

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