Dr. Pulit Trivedi is an affiliate marketing professional who loves to blog and spread his words of wisdom to the world. He is among those intellectuals who believe in the saying, ‘Knowledge grows by spreading.’ He was born in Ahemdabad, Gujarat and his birthday falls on 20th May, 1989.

Mr. Pulkit is leading a leading name in the Affiliate Marketing Industry. What has made him successful is his superpower of never failing to meet deadlines and being disciplined to achieve the desired results.

He mentioned that the only secret to his success has been his ‘never giving up’ attitude. He explains the importance of sticking by what’s important within fearing the hardships. He says that the ones who constantly work hard towards their goals and help others around them grow simultaneously are the ones who succeeded in the true sense.

Mr. Pulkit always had in him the knack of marketing even before he knew the specified term for it. After attaining the qualification in the same, he practiced his hand at Affiliate Marketing and there was no looking back since then. He had grown to be a bigger and better professional.

Today, he has expanded his business by mentoring young kids to find their passion and capitalize it effectively. Mr. Pulkit blogs regularly, not just for monetary gains but mainly to help the struggles solve their problems and know how to proceed.

Mr. Pulkit’s vision is to see himself as the top blogger and affiliate marketer by the end of this decade. He is working hard enough to make this dream of his into reality and we are sure of the fact that if he continues to grow at this rate, he will touch the heights of success. The only advice that his man of true honor has to give to the world is to be kind, humble and true to oneself.