Prociva Reviews – Does It Support Your Heart Health?

Prociva Reviews

Hello friends! Today I am here to explain in detail a heart supplement that may improve your inner body strength and lifespan. Let us now take a look at the features of this supplement in the exclusive Prociva reviews.  This ayurvedic supplement has been gaining popularity with each passing day because of its quality and feature. 

Prociva Reviews – Can This Supplement Help Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack?

You might have read multiple reviews in the past. But this Prociva review, along with the features and qualities of the supplement, also focuses on the ingredients and how each ingredient will be suitable for developing the heart condition of the people consuming it. 

Prociva Reviews
Product NameProciva
Item FormCapsule
BrandSimple Promise
CategoryHeart Health
IngredientsArjuna, Motherwort, Hibiscus, Etc.
BenefitsSupport heart health
Dosage2 capsules per day
Unit count60 capsules
Available atOfficial Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Prociva supplement?

Prociva is a unique heart health support supplement that focuses on improving the natural function of the heart and reducing the occurrence of heart-related ailments in the future. Manufactured by Simple Promise, this supplement is made up of ayurvedic natural ingredients with no chemicals. Prociva supplement is a combination of 6 different herbs and other natural minerals to improve human health. 

Prociva heart supplement is not just for people with poor heart conditions. They are also suitable for normal people to develop a strong heart for avoiding cardiac issues in the future. You might have heard about multiple stress-related cardiac attacks that people have been facing these days. Consuming supplements can be a good option. Along with their effectiveness, they are also made up of powerful ayurvedic ingredients that do not cause any side effects in your body. 

Prociva capsule manufacturer

Prociva is a unique heart supplement manufactured by Simple Promise. Prociva’s simple promise has also manufactured a wide range of other natural supplements that offer a gold standard of health and quality to its customers. The organization focuses on offering the best quality supplements that are backed up with enough scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness. Most of the active ingredients used within the supplements are well-researched and included after a placebo-controlled clinical study. The organization offers its supplements with cGMP certifications which are otherwise known as current good manufacturing practices. Which supplement is also tested in a third-party lab before being released into the market. 

Prociva heart supplement Ingredients

The Prociva heart supplement is made up of a wide range of herbs and minerals that are well tested before they were infused as an individual ingredient. In this Prociva review, we are going to explain in detail each ingredient and its advantages. 


Otherwise popularly known as Terminalia Arjuna, this extract is obtained from the barks of the Arjuna tree. They are widely found in certain river banks within the country and are well known for their ingredient called an adaptogen. It can relieve body stress which is an essential cause for most cardiac disorders. Some of the other significant medical properties of Arjuna extract includes,

  • It acts as an antioxidant and comes along with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. 
  • It reduces the risk of cardiac-related issues and improves the strength of the heart muscles. 
  • This has also been proved to gradually increase the function of the heart for people with cardiac issues.
  • The anti-hypertensive property reduces the stress within the body and blood pressure. 

This ingredient does not have any side effects and has proved to be safe for long-term consumption. They had been constantly used in treatments for heart diseases and hypertension.


Otherwise popularly known as Leonurus cardiaca, it is a plant belonging to the mint family. This hub is mainly used for relieving heart conditions such as heart failure, heartbeat, anxiety disorders, and fast heartbeats. Consuming this herb regularly will also offer other benefits for the body. Some of the major advantages of consuming this herb have been listed below. 

  • It is well known for treating a wide range of heart disease orders and symptoms. 
  • Motherwort reduces the disorders by strengthening the heart muscles and reducing the symptoms of anxiety.
  • This is also used for regulating the menstrual periods in women and reducing intestinal gas. They are also well known to treat active thyroid.

This plant is also used to reduce bleeding and is found in some parts of Asia and southeast and Europe. They are widespread and easy to purchase since they grow in abundance. 


Otherwise popularly known as ‘red sorrel‘, this plant has gained more popularity and is commonly found in most homes within the country. The plant has been existing for more than 6000 years and they are well known for regulating blood flow and reducing blood pressure within the body. They have also been found to be effective against diabetes and other symptoms related to systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The availability of antioxidants reduces the improvement of free radicals within the body and destroys bad cholesterol. Hibiscus is also recommended personally for regular hair growth.

Folic acid

Folic acid is an important B vitamin that is commonly available in green leafy vegetables. Folic acid is one of the essential supplements consumed by pregnant women all over the world to ensure the growth of the fetal heart and other important body parts. Consuming folic acid regularly will prevent the occurrence of heart disorders. Folic acid in the Prociva capsule reduces the presence of homocysteine but in the body, which is responsible for weakening the heart and treating cardiac disorders.

Vitamin D

Nearly most people might have heard about consuming Vitamin D supplements to improve their bone strength. Rather than exposing themselves to the mornings and consuming Vitamin D supplements has proved to be a better option for most people because of their work schedule. If you have a vitamin D deficiency, then the chances of exposing yourself to heart failure are higher since it causes improved cardiac disorders within the body. So consuming vitamin D in Prociva heart supplements can strengthen your bones, heart muscles and reduce blood glucose levels. It is also well known to reduce the blood pressure level, which is essential for the stress faced by the current working people. 


Magnesium is an essential mineral that can improve the strength of the body. Magnesium is also necessary to improve the strength of the cardiac muscles, and lack of magnesium can lead to severe heart disorders and high blood pressure. An enlarged heart is a major symptom of reduced magnesium levels within the body. Prociva pill contains enough levels of magnesium that can improve your heart condition and reduce sugar and cholesterol levels within the body. 

All these ingredients are necessary to develop the strength of the heart muscles and live a healthy life. Along with these major ingredients, it also contains modified cellulose gum and other minute ingredients for getting the Prociva supplement together. All these ingredients do not have any side effects and are well tested before being introduced into the market. 

Prociva heart supplement Ingredients

How does Prociva heart supplement work?

Prociva capsule functions by combining all the six ingredients mentioned above. These ingredients are combined to reduce blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscles on the side. The improved heart muscle can develop the strength of the heart and it helps in maintaining a healthy heart rhythm. Prociva supplement is also used to reduce the poor fat content within the body and stress. As a result, the person consuming the supplement will feel good. By reducing the factors that cause cardiac issues within the body like excess fat, poor heart muscle, and stress, the supplement improves the strength of the heart. 

Prociva heart supplement working

Prociva capsule Benefits

As mentioned above, there are multiple advantages available for consuming Prociva supplements. But along with the common advantages, there are also other positives to consuming this supplement. They include,

  • Prociva capsules are made up of natural ingredients and hence they are good for your health. 
  • Consuming them will improve your heart strength. People above the age of 30 can start consuming these supplements to improve their heart function. 
  • It reduces the symptoms that might lead to cardiac disorder in the future at an early stage. 

All these factors combined along with the decent budget make the Prociva pill a suitable supplement for regular consumption.

Prociva supplement Side effects

Prociva is an organic supplement that is made up of natural ingredients. Since it does not have any advanced chemical ingredients, the side effects are much less. People who are allergic to certain tree bark extracts can avoid consuming these tablets. Similarly, Arjuna extract is found to be interacting with the blood thinners and hence it is advisable for people consuming anticoagulant drugs to avoid consuming these supplements. Pregnant women and feeding mothers can also avoid consuming Prociva tablets as Arjuna may decrease the blood sugar level

Prociva Dosage and How to use it?

Despite being an organic capsule, the Prociva capsule still has to be consumed at certain levels for a developed health condition. A normal adult can consume at least one to two capsules per day during morning and night. People having adverse reactions or allergies should avoid consuming these tablets until getting suitable medical advice. 

Prociva supplement facts

Prociva Results and the longevity

Even though the concentrated amounts of ingredients are added within the Prociva tablets, it might take at least two to three months for the active ingredients to provide changes within the body. if you consume it for more than three months, then you might see some noticeable changes in your heart functions and body conditions. Minimum 3 months of consumption is necessary to experience promising results. As per Prociva reviews, it is also necessary to maintain good dietary habits along with the consumption of Prociva heart supplements to improve the effectiveness of the ingredients within the body.

Is Prociva legit or not?

The Prociva supplement is made up of natural ingredients and prepared using the cGMA protocols, making it a legit option for consumption. The supplement has been well tested in multiple clinical trials. The Prociva reviews so far have also been positive and they have produced positive results on multiple patients. There have been no complaints of any side effects and I have been personally consuming this for the past six months. As per Prociva reviews, it has been proved to be effective in most cases. The changes in body pressure level and fat have been astounding. 

Prociva heart supplement Customer reviews and complaints

Ever since the Prociva capsule was introduced into the market, it has been receiving positive reviews from all directions. Multiple people have benefited from this supplement and it has proved to be effective against resolving cardiac disorders. People of all ages are willing to try out this new supplement to improve general body health and the strength of their cardiac muscles.

Prociva Pricing and Availability

The Prociva hot supplement has proved to be effective in multiple cases. You can receive 60 capsules for a decent budget of $49. The supplement is available only on the official website of Simple Promise and not anywhere else. Any other website posting to sell such supplements is to be ignored as duplicates. Check the authenticity of the supplement before purchasing them for a clear effect in terms of quality.

Final Verdict on Prociva Reviews!

So we have reached the end of our Prociva reviews and as per my personal experience, I would recommend you to go for it. The supplement is made up of natural ingredients and each of them is tested during the preparation and when completed. The quality of the Prociva heart supplement is good and consuming it has shown positive results on multiple people. So unless you are a pregnant woman or a person with ailments, you can start consuming these supplements 2 times a day by purchasing them from the original website. 


When should we consume this tablet?

These supplements can be consumed two times a day, one in the morning and another in the evening. 

Do they have any known side effects?

Other than a few allergic reactions due to the ingredients that have not been any side effects shown to this supplement. They are well tested and suitable for your health. 

Can we consume it with our food?

Consuming the supplement on an empty stomach will be a healthier option, but during the night dosage, you can consume it with your food. 

What if we are taking other medications?

If you are taking any other medication, then it is a better option to visit a doctor and get feedback before starting your supplement. 

Is the website the only place to purchase the supplement?

Yes. The original quality supplements are available only on the website and not in any other online store.


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