Members of the COVID-19 campaign group of Bereaved Families for Justice, who have been critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s management of the coronavirus epidemic for more than a year, will meet with him for the first time on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Street office of Johnson’s Downing said on Monday that now the prime minister would meet with members of the organization in a “private setting.”

Prime Minister Of UK, Agreed To Meet With The COVID Bereaved Group

The organization said that during the meeting, family members would share their experiences of how their family members contracted the virus and that they would repeat their demands for a formal investigation into the epidemic to begin as soon as possible.

It has demanded that the meeting with Johnson take place outdoors and that social distance be maintained despite the fact that all limitations on social interaction have been removed. 

Prime Minister Of UK, Agreed To Meet With The COVID Bereaved Group

The organization has sought a meeting with Johnson at least 8 separate times. Jo Goodman, the partner founder of COVID-19, said the organization has been waiting more than a year for the prime minister to agree to meet with them. “In that time, more than 100,000 individuals throughout the nation have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19.”

According to statistics collected by Johns Hopkins, the United Kingdom has had the seventh greatest number of virus-related fatalities in the world, with moreover than 136,000 deaths.

Since the formation of COVID-19 Grieving Families for Justice in May 2020, Johnson and his Conservative administration have been the target of a slew of complaints, including delayed lockdowns, a lenient travel policy, and a scarcity of critical personal protective equipment.

COVID-19 Grieving Families for Justice, a group with about 4,000 members, has been asking for a public investigation of the government’s approach to the pandemic so that lessons may be learned in order to reduce the number of virus-related fatalities in the future.

After months of dodging questions, Johnson finally admitted in May that a public investigation would begin hearing testimony early next year. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 Grieving Families for Justice believes that this is too late and also that the delay will result in a significant increase in the number of individuals who die from the virus.

According to Goodman, “we initially asked for a quick assessment last summer so that lessons might be learned from the losses of our loved ones to safeguard others, and we can’t help but believe that if we’d been listened to then, more lives might have been saved.”

The organization was also instrumental in constructing the National COVID Memorial, which runs parallel to the House of Commons. It is adorned with more than 150,000 red hearts, symbolizing a life lost during the epidemic.

Some estimates place the death toll at a higher level since there was minimal testing for the virus in the initial periods of the pandemic. During his visit to the wall in April, Johnson arrived in the evening, further enraging relatives who blamed him for avoiding them by using the “cover of darkness” to avoid meeting with them.