Following an ” orgy of violence ” the previous night during a rally against coronavirus restrictions, Dutch police detained more than 30 people in The Hague and other locations around the nation.

The Police Have Detained More Than 30 Individuals In The Netherlands

In contrast to the violence that happened in Rotterdam on Friday night, which resulted in police opening fire on rioters and detaining 51 people, the rioting in The Hague and elsewhere on Saturday night was less serious.

The Police Detained More Than 30 Individuals Netherlands

Police in The Hague were said to have arrested 19 people and used a water cannon to put out a fire that broke out on a highway on Sunday. When fans who had been prevented from attending matches under a partial lockdown that had been in place for a week broke into stadiums in the cities of Alkmaar and Almelo, two soccer matches in the Netherlands’ top professional league were momentarily halted in a matter of minutes.

According to the police, a band of youths set at least two fires on the streets of The Hague while simultaneously launching pyrotechnics into the air. When officers sought to disperse the ruckus, five officers were injured. Several of the rioters threw rocks at an ambulance that was taking a patient to a hospital, according to police reports on Twitter.

Police held 13 people in the southern towns of Roermond and Stein for setting fires or throwing pyrotechnics. In comparison, eight people were detained in the fishing hamlet of Urk for violating public order, according to the Dutch network NOS.

Later in the day on Saturday, two peaceful demonstrations against the COVID-19 legislation took place in Amsterdam and Breda, both in the southern Dutch province of Limburg, respectively. There were tens of thousands of protesters out on the streets of Amsterdam to express their opposition to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Austria’s government declared a nationwide lockdown on Saturday, which would begin on Monday, to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, which have grown drastically in recent months. Protesters took to the streets of Vienna to voice their opposition to the announcement.

Several other nations, including Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, and Northern Ireland, took part in the demonstrations in addition to the United States.

According to the police, three rioters were shot by police in Rotterdam on Friday night. An investigation is now underway to ascertain whether or not police shot them. However, there was no information released on the health of the rioters who were injured.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, police in Rotterdam said 51 people had been arrested, with over half of them being children. During the riots, one police officer had a leg injury that was brought to the hospital, another was treated by ambulance personnel, and “hundreds” of others were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb characterized the rioting in his city as an “orgy of violence,” and he said that “on several occasions, the police felt it necessary to draw their rifles in order to protect their own lives.”