Rom Raviv is a young sensation that is blazing the trail to success. He is an influential social media figure, a podcast host, and CEO, all at 20.

Rom runs Podblade, a podcast editing agency that helps several podcast hosts and businesses, through the use of Business-to-Business strategies, turn their podcasting passion into full-time business deals.

Recently, I had the honor of getting a one-on-one discussion with the young CEO. The interview was aimed at knowing more about Rom Raviv, his podcasting skills, his growing podcast editing agency, and learning the secrets to his success at a young age. 

The conversation went as follow;

  • Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Rom Raviv. I am a podcast host and entrepreneur. My podcast show is called Spreading Success, and I own a podcast agency called Podblade, which has helped people and businesses to achieve success with their podcast. Also, I am a TikTok star and a social media influencer. 

  • How can other entrepreneurs in the industry make impacts like you?

The biggest thing that helped build a name for me and my brand is providing podcasters with the services they needed, instead of charging a lot of money and missing out on the crucial aspects of running a podcast like social media content, uploading the episodes to a podcast host, and so on. I focused on those little details when trying to build a lasting relationship with my clients. Also, by interviewing some of the most innovative industry players, I built a name for myself.

  • How did you overcome business challenges?

In August 2020, my partner and I split up. This affected my business because it was still in its infancy stage. And I had to figure out things on my own. Also, there was the challenge of having to find clients. This came along with many rejections because it took a lot to convince people to key into my vision.

I overcame these challenges by putting in the hours to learn everything I did not know. By doing this, I became knowledgeable in my field. Regarding the business part, I started looking into other directions because the world is abundant with clients, money, and opportunities. This changed my life, and I advise growing entrepreneurs not to hold back on their plans.

  •  What keeps you motivated?

The freedom and escape from 9-5 and creating a life-long impact are some of my biggest motivations. My goal is to make sure the ones around me are succeeding and have time, location, and financial freedom in my life to be happy.

  • What advice do you give growing entrepreneurs?

Always leverage on the power of exponential momentum. The little steps that you take every day will compound into something great eventually.