Over the last decade, it has been quite clear that PHP-based eCommerce platforms are the new revolution. They have brought a completely new outlook to the online shopping industry.

4 Best PHP Based ECommerce Platforms

But how? Well, in case you didn’t know already, there are certain CMS or Content Management System platforms that can enable an individual to create their website quite effortlessly. Yes, this has really won the race against the many other websites for which coding has to be done for every single action.

Best PHP Based ECommerce Platforms

Here we have listed out a few of such CMS platforms that have been the most useful for any business person:


With a PHP programming language, this one is one of the free platforms that are actually an extension of WordPress, which many people are familiar with. It is an easily usable platform even by a beginner and contains some of the most powerful SEO features. Hence, one can make use of not only website designing with this but also focus on ranking the pages of their websites with the use of many plugins like Yoast, RankMath SEO, etc. 


Magento is one of the most trusted platforms and provides a PHP-based system framework that can help you build a business online, that too very easily. There are multiple extensions that come along with it along with a few options to integrate third-party apps, which may both be found to be useful for various kinds of websites.


As a popular and free PHP eCommerce platform and shopping cart, OpenCart has made a name for itself. The platform consists of a very strong as well as a very helpful community of professionals, who can easily manage its interface. It is one that involves 8 different methods of shipping and 20 payment gateways. It is customizable and you can even create multiple stores on a single platform. There are also 2500+ attractive themes for one to choose from


This is one of those platforms for ECommerce websites that have gained moderate popularity amongst the many eCommerce users. The CMS or content management system is majorly found to be useful in industries like churches, schools, and even individual eCommerce store owners. There is an increasing community of developers and designers alike who are thriving off of it. Currently, it hosts a number of eCommerce websites and stores which exceed the 1.5 million mark.

Now, these are just some of the platforms that have made their mark in the ECommerce industry as PHP platforms. While not all of these could be the same, you can always determine which one works the best for you.

You can always ask for a professional’s help to determine each of their usages for you and then make an informed decision while choosing one of them. You may also try to set your priorities with an ECommerce platform first, and then make out which one would check all or most of the boxes as per your requirements as well as your consumers’.