The Philips Hue application is getting a major update on Thursday. The group at Signify, which makes Hue lights, has rebuilt the app “from the ground up” to make it simpler to utilize. The new version looks generally equivalent to the current application, however it has tweaks around the edges to make it quicker to get to various controls.

One of the greater changes is faster access to room controls. Presently, when you tap on a room or zone, the application will introduce a grid of the relative multitude of accessible lights and pre-set scenes so you can discover them immediately. In the earlier version, you needed to switch back and forth across different tabs that were not difficult to lose all sense of direction in.

You’ll likewise now have the option to add new lights from inside the Room tab — not simply the Settings menu — and in case you’re a force client with numerous Hue bridges, the application will allow you to switch between them from a button on the main screen.

Signify is replacing the “routines” feature with a new “automations” tab, which should offer further advanced options for triggering your lights on and off. The application can likewise now mull over whether someone else is as of now home while triggering “coming home” or “leaving home” automations, so the lights won’t all turn off just because the Hue app’s controller got out of the house.

The new application launches Thursday for iOS and Android. Signify says that later this summer, it’ll follow up with an update introducing “dynamic scenes” that permit lights to cycle through various colors over the long haul.