As per an article published in Lancet people who took Pfizer`s vaccine saw a drop in effectiveness against delta variant and the effectiveness fell to 53% after 4 months of their 2nd dose.

It has been found that against other variants the effectiveness fell to 67% after 4 months of 2nd dose for Pfizer vaccine. 

Pfizer Vaccine Good Enough To Keep People Away From Hospital

Pfizer and Biotech`s vaccine is seeing declining vaccine effectiveness as time progresses. It has been found that after taking 2 shots and after 6 months the effectiveness of the vaccine against delta variant is at 47% which is a troublesome issue for all Americans as most of the people have taken Pfizer`s vaccination dose. 

Dr. Sara Tartof from Kaiser Permanente says that the effectiveness of the vaccine will decline following the 2nd dose however the main use of the vaccine is to keep as many people possible away from the hospital and this is working pretty well till now. 

Pfizer Vaccine Good Enough To Keep People Away From Hospital

It is stated that the mRNA vaccine`s effectiveness even after 2 doses stays strong at 90% even against the latest delta variant as well which was fully funded by Pfizer. The lowering effectiveness study has been backed by the reports from CDC (Centre for disease control and prevention) and also by the Israeli study group. 

This new revelation comes out after the FDA approves Pfizer`s booster shots for the elderly and adults who are at high risk. The booster shots are to be administered to at least 60 million people among which 20 million people are directly eligible for the booster shot said the Biden administration. 

Another summit has been scheduled by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to discuss whether to give emergency approval for Johnson & Johnson or Moderna`s booster shots as well.

FDA spokesman said that the booster shots are not to be given out so easily as many of the people in and around the country as well as other nations have not yet received their first covid vaccination itself.

WHO had urged the US to slow down on the distribution of the booster shots as many countries have just got their first batch of vaccines and this will put them behind in the global vaccination drive. 

A study conducted at Kaiser Permanente saw that the delta variant cases increased from 0.6% in April to a record high of 87% in July. Many believe that this is due to the falling effectiveness of Pfizer`s vaccine and health care workers think they will be seeing more cases as many new people will be coming in with lower efficacy. 

Pfizer has asked the FDA to reconsider its petition of allowing the booster shots only to a select few people of the community. However, the panel said that they cannot allow this to a large set of people until more evidence is shown that this is needed.

In other news, hospitalization continues to rise in all parts of the US and the government has urged all its citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Biden administration said that they have increased the vaccination center all over the country and are thinking of going door to door as many people are still confused about getting vaccinated.  

CDC spokesman said that the only way for people to get vaccinated is to educate them the importance of breaking the chain and how vaccine plays a key role in this. Many of the health care workers have started public speaking and are encouraging more and more people to get vaccinated at the earliest.