With the rise in Covid 19 cases in the country and winter season arriving, the medical experts said that there is a threat of a huge surge in the delta variant cases in the States. Christmas holiday parties can be very dangerous and people need to take all precautionary measures. 

If clinical studies findings hold up to reality, medicines like molnupiravir and Paxlovid can indeed shift the route of the epidemic.’ This is the antiviral period.

Pfizer Has Requested To The FDA Approval For Covid Antiviral Medication

In clinical testing of individuals medicated immediately after their primary infection, two antivirus medicines — both pill-based — were proven to reduce COVID-19 infections and fatalities in just over a month.

The drugs could even be game-changers for the crisis if the responses hold up in the future. Previously COVID-19 antibody treatments were costly and then had to be provided in a clinic. Molecules make up the current medications, which could be prescribed at home.

Pfizer Has Requested, The FDA Approve The Covid Antiviral Medication

According to John Mellors, an infectious-disease expert, researchers have been looking at the age and cultures of individuals that participated in the study.

 They also looked into any other medical problems they may have. Pfizer and Merck similarly stated that their antiviral drugs were quite well accepted by research respondents, with minimal negative effects. However, both medications have qualities that may restrict who can use these.

As per President Joe Biden, the US has apparently obtained thousands of doses of the pill. The tablet has the capability to “protect individuals’ lives, minimize the intensity of Covid-19 outbreaks, and avoid up to nine out of ten hospitalizations,” according to the firm’s chairman and CEO Albert Bourla. 

Antibodies against Covid-19 are viewed as the most effective strategy to prevent the crisis, but there is also a requirement for therapies that can be prescribed at home, especially for those who are most susceptible when they become sick.

Pfizer asked the Food and Drug Administration for urgent prescription approval for its antibody coronavirus therapy on Tuesday, the second pill to also be reviewed by the government as Merck revealed it was requesting permission from the government in the United States steadily for the past month.

The experiment was called off abruptly “because of the tremendous performance indicated in these outcomes,” according to the corporation. Patients treated with COVID-19 who are already at greater risk for developing severe disease have been included in the study, and no fatalities were observed after a month in individuals who got the medicine within three days upon noticing signs. In the placebo group, seven patients died.

Paxlovid is an oral antibody tablet prescription medication to combat minor to moderate COVID-19 in people who are at a higher risk of hospitalization or death. The Official application comes after Pfizer reported early last month that initial statistics revealed its COVID-19 antiviral medication lowered the risk of hospitalization and mortality in at-risk adults by 89 percent. 

The United Kingdom has become the first nation to authorize molnupiravir, a drug manufactured by Merck in Kenilworth, New Jersey, and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics in Florida, on November 4th. However, nothing is established about how well the medications will function or how readily they can be utilized in areas where they are particularly needed.

Pfizer Chairman and Ceo Albert Bourla said during a pronouncement, “We are trying to move as quickly and efficiently as possible in our attempt to have this treatment option into the hands of patient populations, and we hope to have the opportunity with the U.S Food and drug administration on its evaluation of our proposal to approve the antiviral pills.