The US Food And Drug Administration on Friday extended its support for the booster shots of all three COVID-19 vaccines for all adults in the USA with some eligibility criteria to be fulfilled.

This judgment expands coverage to the wide majority of the population, including the elderly people, those with health difficulties, and essential employees, just in time for the Christmas holiday.

People Availing Booster Shots With Both Vaccines

The FDA has also stated that it has become a necessity to increase the immunity of the people to fight delta variants.

At this time when people have had coverage of all three vaccines, there is a high possibility that the booster vaccination would do good in protecting and increasing antibody levels in people. 

People Availing Booster Shots With Both Vaccines

After FDA, CDC also extended its support and allowed booster shots to all and specifically focussed on the population of 50 years and above. CDC also stated that the booster shots of Pfizer and Moderna can be availed free of cost after showing CDC vaccination card

Dr. Fauci tried to encourage adults in the states and said if you are 18 or above this age it’s the right time to get your booster shots as winter and Christmas holidays are approaching soon. 

Former United States Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated on Sunday that medical agencies in the USA may issue a “completely vaccinated” certificate if they have also received the booster shot. On Sunday, Fauci also said medical experts were examining patients who had additional doses to see how long their immunity would last.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that with the passage of time the effectiveness and reliability of the vaccination is questionable and it generates the need to get the booster shots to increase immunity. The Biden Administration gives the example of Israel as the booster shots really worked very well there and gave more protection. 

There are various studies that showed the natural immunity is not an alternative to vaccination. Even those who received 2 doses of vaccines are still getting symptoms again. Many states demanded the Federal Government expand the eligibility criteria for all the adults in the states.  

The COVID-19 vaccination booster shot is an excellent decision by the Biden Government and it will be a game-changer to protect our citizens. 

In some states, the booster dose was allowed even before the approval from the central government. The rising cases in almost every state have become a matter of concern and strict actions are required to curb cases. 

Furthermore, after the approval from the US FDA and CDC, it has gained more attention and some state governments are advocating natural immunity over vaccine immunity. 

As per the data presented by the Chief Medical Adviser to the Biden Administration, approximately 60 million people are yet to receive their initial dose and it has become a threat for the vaccinated citizen as chances of outbreak amongst vaccinated people will increase.