Some medical experts have praised the government’s decision to allow vaccination for kids between the age of 5-11 years. CDC expanded the vaccine eligibility for more than 28 million children from 5-11 years in the USA on 2nd November and urged all the states and health agencies to start vaccinating kids on a priority basis. 

The Rise In The Pediatric Covid cases, Needs To Boost Vaccination Drive

In the US, most people are seeking to vaccinate their children against the infectious virus Covid-19. This is happening because the nation is facing a surge in the covid 19 cases, hospitalization and death cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had already approved the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine for 5-11 years children in the USA.

Pediatric Covid cases, Needs To Boost Vaccination

Now as per the Children Hospital Association and American Academy of Pediatrics which is handled by the department of Federal affairs presented a report which should be an eyeopener for all the agencies. Approximately 142,000 cases were detected in the children which is almost a 40 percent increase from the data studied for the last month. 

The decision to vaccinate with initial Pfizer and Moderna doses has been taken keeping in mind the upcoming winter season and Christmas holidays. The FDA said we want kids to enjoy their festive season in a protected environment. 

If we talk about pediatrics covid 19 cases of pediatrics, there is a major surge and it is a matter of concern for everyone. Seeing this the Federal Government has asked to increase the speed of vaccination amongst kids. 

The CDC has stated that we are keeping a check and monitoring continuously the safety of vaccination on kids. Vaccinating kids will protect them against delta variants and reduce the severity of the infection and hence reduce the chances of hospitalization and death. 

It has been observed that more than 3 million kids have received the initial vaccine dose of  Moderna or Pfizer and in the first two weeks as per data, around 2.5 million kids got vaccinated. 

There is a continuous rise in the covid cases amongst kids in the Midwest USA as citizens are yet to receive their first dose of vaccination. The medical experts are blaming winters and during this time the virus travels faster than in the summers. So the state government is urging the families to get their kids vaccinated. 

Since the start of the pandemic, kids were highly prone and in the past 4 months the average rate of cases is 100,000 and approximately 6.8 million children have been found positive with the covid 19. Now for the medical experts, these numbers are risky and many even argue that we might see a huge surge in the cases and the lives of kids are at risk.

The vaccines of Pfizer and BioNTech are safe for the children and parents now can easily vaccinate their children. Dr. Anthony Fauci said and added if we start vaccinating our children from today, then only by Christmas, they will be fully vaccinated and safe