As officials give the clearance for schools to open, there has been a lot of debate on the safety precautions to be taken. To ensure the safety and well-being of students and teachers, authorities have raised the question of the necessity of vaccinations for all. Moreover, many officials are of the opinion that schools should enforce the mask mandate in order to provide a semblance of protection against the virus.

Parents Display Contrasting Opinions Refusing Vaccine Mandates But Supporting Mask Mandates

While opinions are varied and arguments on the matter have been going back and forth, there is still no concrete solution. Parents are also hesitant on sending their children to school without proper guidelines in place to ensure their protection from the virus.

Parents Display Contrasting Opinions Refusing Vaccine Mandates But Supporting Mask Mandates

 The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a survey and found two prominent beliefs among parents with regards to Covid-19 safety guidelines that should be taken into consideration. The survey found that most parents expressed disapproval of schools requiring a Covid-19 vaccine for children.

Simultaneously, many parents seem to be in total support of schools requiring both students and faculty to wear masks. Parents of teenagers who have yet to receive the Covid-19 vaccine explain that they are worried that very little is known about the possible side effects of the vaccine on children.

According to the poll taken by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 58 % of parents whose children fall in the 12- to 17-year-old age range share the opinion that schools should not require children to be vaccinated. However, the poll found that 42% of parents believe that schools should enforce the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for students.

Parents have strong opinions on the need for masks to be made mandatory as well. Most parents with children between the ages of 5 to 17 years old have expressed their agreement and support mask mandates. A vast majority, roughly 62%, believe that masks should be made compulsory especially for those who have not yet received the Covid-19 vaccine. There is still a small number of parents, around 36%, who are of the opinion that mask mandates should be done away with entirely.

The vaccine-mask mandate debate seems to be a hot topic among government authorities as well. With the rising number of Covid related cases that have emerged due to the Delta variant, many officials are in search of a solution. Mandates for vaccines and wearing masks for school children has become a topic that has gained interest among several governors who are on opposite sides of the matter.

The children who are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine are those who fall in the range of 12 to 17 years. According to the survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 41% of parents have stated that their children have already been vaccinated. Moreover, an additional 6% of parents have claimed that their children will get the vaccine soon.

The survey brought into focus many of parents’ worry about the side effects the vaccine could have on children. The Kaiser Family Foundation survey highlighted that 88% of parents whose children are unvaccinated have shown concern over the consequences of vaccinations and have thus withheld from vaccinating their children. 79% of parents have expressed their worry and concern about the severity of the side effects of children taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has not only brought to the public’s attention the opinions of parents but also shown what children take us on the vaccine mandate. Some children have addressed the common source of worry among parents, stating that they are afraid to take the vaccine because of the potential side effects that they may be exposed to.

Other children have told their parents that they are ready to take the vaccine and in fact want to take it. The survey has shown that 4 out of 10 parents say their children are hesitant to take the Covid-19 vaccine. However, 12% state that their children are eager to get inoculated.

Most parents are in agreement that children should be made to wear masks irrespective of their vaccination status. With the surge in cases due to the Delta variant, all the progress that was made in the past weeks seems to be lost. At this stage especially, safety precautions are of paramount importance.