On the same day that we learned about a significant stride forward in public health, with Pfizer stating that its Covid-19 vaccination is safe for children, we also learned about a horrifying mile marker in the history of death.

Day After Day, Pandemic Spread Among The Kids

Despite all of the science and medical advancements that have occurred over the last 103 years, this epidemic has now claimed more lives in the United States than the 1918 flu pandemic. In response to the Johns Hopkins dashboard surpassing the 675,000-dead threshold, other news sources produced articles along similar lines. Some news sources used historical photographs from 1918 to illustrate their stories.

Day After Day, Pandemic Spread Among The Kids

When the authorities claim that the United States is seeing about 2,000 Covid fatalities per day, yet the same authorities also claim that vaccinated Americans are adequately protected from serious disease, we find ourselves in a condition of pandemic dissonance on a regular basis. When images of overflowing stadiums emerge in social media feeds alongside reports of overburdened hospitals, a strange kind of tension arises. When a breakthrough occurs, such as the Pfizer announcement, I see the following on my feed: People who’ve been “back to usual” for months find it difficult to understand that others are still taking precautionary measures, and vice versa.

It is especially difficult to deal with this conflict when we do not have the appropriate background or facts to assess the situation in which we find ourselves. Consider the following: Look up the Covid data dashboard for your specific neighborhood. Attempt to determine how many recent illnesses and fatalities occurred among vaccinated individuals as opposed to those who were not vaccinated. This was something I attempted for my area but failed miserably.

Federal and state authorities give pictures from time to time that demonstrates that the overwhelming bulk of the suffering and death is occurring among the unvaccinated, i.e., adults who have decided not to defend themselves. However, the information is not organized in a uniform and searchable manner. It is, at best, a patchwork quilt. In the absence of accurate evidence, we are forced to make assumptions, guesses, and risk assessments, which leads to even more cognitive dissonance.

Either you abide by the rules, or you alter the rules

The use of double standards by Democratic politicians and members of “the elite” is a daily topic in right-wing media portrayal of the Democratic Party and other members of society. Here’s an illustration from the Daily Caller’s homepage on Monday: “Elites are allowed to attend galas as well as award presentations without masks, while slaves are required to wear masks.”

The right-wing media is, of course, out of control and has no interest in the bigger picture. Take, for example, the banner that appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program on Monday: “Celebrities Appear To Be Exempt From All Rules.” On the American Thinker website, there’s a headline that reads, “COVID has converted lefties into child abusers” because of the mask requirements for toddlers. In a similar vein, some of the criticism on vaccination requirements has been a little bizarre.