YouTube Music is turning out to be a true successor of the Google Play Music application, yet it’s actually got far to arrive. Fortunately, developers are adding new highlights consistently, and when they’re not doing that, they’re testing new features on different platforms.

A brand-new feature is presently being tested by YouTube Music developers, Reddit clients saw as of late (by means of XDA Developers), which will enable portable clients to tune in to a library playlist.

Apparently one of the most requested features, the capacity to download songs from your library is probably going to be coming soon to versatile clients. Reddit client Iordbrack claims they found new “Library Tracks” playlist in the YouTube Music application on Android, which additionally has a download button permitting clients to download at least one songs for offline tuning in.

The Library Tracks playlist is naturally produced by the YouTube Music application and resembles a standard playlist. The thing that matters is that you’ll additionally have the option to download the music on your telephone, aside from having the option to shuffle the playlist.

Albeit the component has been completely executed (it raises a 404 mistake), Android clients who discover it on their devices can download it and view the playlist disconnected. It would seem that the new component is as yet underway, yet at any rate we know YouTube Music developers are working to bring the application comparable to what Google Play Music used to be.