Since the initial days of the outbreak of the omicron variant in the world, various studies and researchers have come up with different analyses and results.

The Omicron Variant Expands 70 Times More Rapidly Than Previous Delta Version

The South African Scientists who broke this news to the world through the World Health Organization have been continuously working day and night to find some conducive evidence about the roots of this version. 

The Omicron Variant  Expands 70 Times More Rapidly Than  Previous Delta Version

Dr. Anthony Fauci while meeting US President Joe Biden also stated that the Scientists and other renowned medical researchers in the United States are analyzing the omicron variants and their mutants. 

The initial studies and results have claimed that the omicron variant is less dangerous when compared to the delta variant. The healthcare experts are focussing majorly on curbing the delta variant cases as it is still considered as the most lethal strain of the covid 19.

The research also claims that the omicron subtype of coronavirus spreads much faster than the delta strain as it carries approximately 50 mutations and out of this 32 spikes the protein and it making it vulnerable to the human body. 

Now as per the latest studies conducted by the medical authorities it has been claimed that the newly detected variant of Covid, omicron, expands approximately 70 times than the delta subtype and now it has raised some more tough questions for the doctors and the vaccine developers in the world.

This study was conducted at the University of Hong Kong. Also, some medical professionals have announced that the roots of the omicron have some link-ups with Hong Kong. Although there is no formal statement released, the World Health Organization is closely working with scientists around the world to find the root cause of this new strain which has crossed more than 60 borders around the globe. 

Alone in the United States, the Omicron subtype has its presence in 25 states with 20 confirmed cases in New York City.

The research also affirms that this variant disrupts the lungs functioning lesser than the original covid 19 virus. Also during the early stage of the omicron variant outbreak, it was disclosed that the symptoms are milder than the delta and the severity level of the omicron is less than the latter one, which makes the delta subtype more lethal. 

Furthermore, the ineffectiveness of the vaccine has been questioned regularly by the omicron strain. Also, out of 43 confirmed cases of the omicron in the United States, more than 80 percent of infected patients were fully vaccinated and 14 individuals already received the booster shot at least 14 days ago. 

The threat of the omicron variant and the chances of community transferring in the upcoming weeks is high. The rise in the cold temperature and Christmas holidays will prove to be the epicenter for the widespread of this newly founded strain.

According to the US CDC, vaccination and booster shots are the best alternatives to protect ourselves from the upcoming wave of the covid 19 variants in the United States.