Since the early days of the vaccine mandate rule by US President Joe Biden, the administration has been facing a lot of backlashes resulting in filing lawsuits against the Federal government by various state Governors. 

Omicron Variant Cases Rising Due To Biden Mandate Rule Violation

The Biden government was deterred from imposing two regulations mandating millions of American employees to be immunized against COVID-19, a crucial aspect of its coronavirus defensive tactic.

Omicron Variant Cases Rising Due To Joe Biden Mandate Rule Violation

In September, Biden introduced rules and regulations to raise the adult immunization rate in the Nation to combat the deadly virus, which has managed to kill over 800,000 Citizens and has majorly disrupted the US economy. 

After 22 states filed the lawsuits against the White House Administration over alleged “Unlawful mandate”, A federal appeals court halted the most far-reaching legislation, an employment immunization mandate for companies with at least 100 people, in November.

As per the Joe Biden vaccine mandate rule, the large companies with 100 employees or more will fall under this rule. Also, this mandate was not limited to private organizations but applicable to Federal Employees and Healthcare facility workers in the US.

The left political parties have said vaccine regulations were levied without adequate public consultation and it is against their rights and also violated states’ privileges to govern public health matters. 

Also, the Biden Administration will be penalizing the employers who won’t be participating in the vaccine mandate rule and the fine will be as high up to $ 14000. The employers are stating that already the work has been disrupted due to the Covid 19 lockdowns and the sense of panic created amongst the people is very high and it will lead to more financial losses. 

On the other hand, more employees will leave the organization if their rights are violated and it will cost more to hire new people. Also, the economists are claiming that it will lead to more unemployment in the United States which will put an extra burden on the State funds. 

In some states where the vaccine mandate rule has been passed have seen a shortage of healthcare workers. Although they are more prone to the infection as they are in direct contact with the infected patients. The average wages of the nurses have increased in some parts of the nation due to the shortage. 

Now more health care companies and big brands like General Electric have claimed not following the vaccine mandate rule from President Joe Biden. The major reason quoted by the officials widely includes labor shortage issues. 

The hospital health officials are stating that maintaining adequate healthcare workers has become very tough now due to the vaccine mandate and on the other hand, the saturation level amongst the nurses has led them to quit nursing. 

As many hospitals and clinic centers are not following the vaccine mandate rule by the White House Administration. This might lead to a lower down vaccination drive and more people might lose their lives by not adopting this mandate.