The Christmas holidays are around the corner and the strict travel rules from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made people get tested as soon as possible. People have to showcase the testing proof at least 24 hours before boarding the flight to travel safely and people are now standing in long queues to get tested and travel to their homes for the Christmas Celebrations. 

The Omicron Variant Creating Its Impact, Long Lines To Get Tested

Just like the initial days of testing, the lines for coronavirus testing have begun to be experienced by the people of New York and Miami Dade County.

The people have to stand in long lines to wait for their turn and get themselves tested for infection because of the rising omicron variant infection rate in the State. Also, the state medical authorities have started the home sample collection facility for testing. 

The Omicron Variant Creating Its Impact, Long Lines To Get Tested

The Biden Administration has been working vigorously on encouraging more people for the testing and this has also increased the demand for the antigen-based home testing kits. These self-testing kits are easily available at the local pharmacy shops and don’t require any prescription from doctors. 

As per the Scientific research in South Africa and the United States, the omicron variant is spreading at a much faster pace and it is becoming a growing matter of concern. This newly detected subtype of the Covid 19 carries 50 mutations which are sufficient enough to double the cases on an average of 1.5 to 3 days.  

The Biden administration has been urging the citizens to receive both doses of vaccination to prevent themselves from becoming vulnerable to the new infection. Though the kind of push created under Biden’s rule has not been enough to make tests highly accessible. 

Also, some medical experts in the United States have been claiming that these long lines will become the epicenter for the wide outbreak of omicron cases in the state of New York. 

It is good that people are coming out to get themselves tested so that they can enjoy the Christmas festival with their families. On the other hand, the citizens need to follow the proper guidelines laid by the Central and State Governments. These queues are a clear indication that the spike in the cases is nearby.

According to Mara Aspinall, a professor of practice at College of Health Solution made the remark that with omicron spreading at such a fast pace, wide testing will become an important tool to curb the infection.

Already President Biden has indicated that there might be some shortage of the testing kits as the daily demand may rise to test around 200,000-300,000 citizens per day. It would be difficult to cope up with the supply according to the demand of testing processes. Getting fully vaccinated and undergoing testing seems to be the only option for eliminating the spread of infection. 

Jeff Zients, the Response Coordinator of White House made it clear last week that a lot of free COVID testing is available in the country but the incoming fresh cases of infection seem to be saying something else.