The experts are of the opinion that a large number of unboosted populations may likely be affected by the growing surges of the Omicron variant. It can lead to the storm that people are fearing today. It may also challenge healthcare systems across the U.S. The most dominant strain in the country seems to be making things difficult for all. 

Omicron Does Not Recognize State Boundaries-Warn Experts

Omicron has achieved dominant status in the U.S. in a matter of three weeks. The first case of the Omicron was reported at the beginning of December month.

Omicron Does Not Recognize State Boundaries

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have re-iterated again and again that the dominant strain has accounted for 73 % of infections. It has been lately noted, the symptoms are mostly mild. 

However, no one can foresee what is coming ahead of time. The actual results will be evident in six to eight weeks down the line, Michael Osterholm, who is the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota has stated. 

The real challenge that is being anticipated is that the healthcare workers in the meanwhile will also be infected that will lead to a shortage of staff at the healthcare centers.

Moreover, if reports are to be believed, the Omicron variant will not spare the state boundaries. It has been seen that the Delta is much lower in infection rate as compared to the new kid on the block, Omicron. The Omicron will likely cause the biggest blizzard of all time in the USA. 

The first confirmed Omicron death was reported on Monday, of that of an unvaccinated Texas citizen who was unvaccinated. He also had underlying health conditions and morbidities. Additionally, he was earlier infected by Covis-19 as well. 

Global reports show, that Omicron cases are increasing fast, and the same is reiterated by the WHO. If the results worldwide are to be referred to, Omicron will definitely have a higher transmission rate in the USA. Only 29.8% Of Americans have received the booster. And, it seems to be the only ray of hope here. 

People should concentrate on getting more protection from the virus, Osterholm said. Right now, many contradictions in results and infection have thrown the administration in a state of confusion. So, what is ahead has to be discussed in detail. 

Although 29.8% of the population has received the booster, the immunity will likely pick up in two-week times. So, a lot of such people are still vulnerable. The holiday season of Christmas and New Year will lead to the Omicron Blizzard that the people have been trying to avoid for the last month. It may change the course of things for the administration as well. 

President Joe Biden said that he would announce some additional restrictions in the holiday season. But he has not revealed anything at present. If he sees the cases surmounting, he will be coming up with more advisories in the days to come. 

Biden has expressed opinion to purchase half-billion rapid testing kits for users to check their infection status, lest any symptom arises. Over 500 million new tests will be made available for the public, next week and online.

The health officials like Dr. Fauci have advised people to exercise caution and when people attend meets. The need to get tested will depend on the symptoms.

That is what Dr. Fauci has reiterated again and again. If anybody feels compromised, then these rapid test at-home kits will prove to be useful. The president also has plans to launch the 1000-strong military forces on the streets to manage the situation at hand. It will see the hospitals getting some additional assistance.