Columbia, Ohio- According to the Ohio Department of Health, the state has over 5,000 new COVID19 cases today, continuing the upward trend in COVID19 cases across the state. 

There have been 5,204 cases reported today. Cases have increased since July, and on Thursday the number also exceeded 5,000.

Ohio’s 19 COVID Cases Continue To Rising While Hospital Admissions Remain Below

Ohio's COVID Cases Continue To Rising While Hospital Admissions Remain Below

The number of new cases today is higher than the 21-day average (3191). These numbers include both cases confirmed by viral testing and cases that meet the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) definition of likelihood. 

Although the number of cases is increasing, the number of hospitalizations remains low compared to the current surge in COVID19.
ODH reported 115 new hospitalizations today, below its 21-day moving average of 134, while it reported 12 new ICU admissions.
There are currently 2,157 COVID19 patients in Ohio hospitals and 638 COVID19 patients in intensive care units.

Non-COVID patients currently account for 66.8% of hospital beds in the state, according to the ODH, COVID-positive patients account for 8.1%, the remaining 25.1% of available beds, COVID patients account for 13.39% of ward beds for intensive care in the state. COVID-free patients account for 61.70% of ICU beds and 24.91% of ICU beds currently open. 

Statewide, 20,799 coronaviruses-related deaths have been reported; No new deaths have been reported today due to state changes in how often deaths are reported.

Because other states do not provide death certificates for Ohio residents who die out of state to ODH on a regular schedule, mortality data provided by Ohio will continue to fluctuate and such deaths will be recorded on that date. 

To date, the COVID19 vaccine has been administered to 6,047,494 people in Ohio, representing 51.74% of the state’s population. Vaccination was started in 12,448 people in the last 24 hours. Vaccinations against
COVID19 out of 5,585,621 people have been completed, accounting for 47.78% of the state’s population. Over the past 24 hours, 11,285 people have been vaccinated.

40,849 trials were conducted on August 26, the last day this ODH data was available. Of these tests, 11.3% were positive compared to a 7-day average positivity rate of 10.4%.

The lack of staff also strains the system.
“We all started losing staff when people got a little weak after a tiring period of a year and a half infections, and when they came in contact with these very, very sick patients in the intensive care unit and saw death very quickly”, said Wyllie. Strosaker said, “we have the usual number of patients in the hospital, stating that they now have adequate caregivers for COVID and non-COVID patients, but agrees that stress takes its toll”. 

“I think it’s important to understand that our employees are tired,” he said. “They’ve been here for a long time and they’re very tired, and that’s true.”

Straker says it’s too early to make predictions about whether they will have to cancel elective surgery, but in other parts of the state, we’ve seen this happen in some hospitals.