As per the news and latest updates, further new studies have found that the omicron variant is set new records and will become a more dominant variant in the United States in just a few weeks. Within a span of less than a week, the Omicron infection rate has increased from 1% to 3% in some states. On the other hand, the percentage of the omicron variant has seen a surge up to 135-15 percent. 

Officials Believe The Virus Will Take Over In The Coming Weeks

Officials are urging people to get booster shots and take proper precautions to stay safe while traveling for the winter holidays to celebrate Christmas Day. The Omicron variant is raging throughout the world, and it is likely to take over as the dominant strain in the United States as well. The government is also preparing for the fight against the virus, which has claimed the lives of approximately 825,000 citizens in the United States.

Officials Believe The Virus Will Take Over In The Coming Weeks

The Omicron variant of COVID is found in 43 states in the United States, and Biden’s strategy focuses on increasing the number of testing facilities in the United States.

Cases are increasing across the country, and hospitals in some areas have reached their capacity to handle COVID patients. 

As the Delta and Omicron coronavirus variants spread across the country as the new year approaches, public health officials are urging Americans to get vaccinated or boosted to protect themselves and others from infection.

Traveling just before Christmas has more than doubled compared to last year, with each airport screening 2 million people. The state officials have been warning the citizens not to gather in large numbers. Indoor gatherings are also expected to infect more people who are already at a higher risk of COVID-19 because people won’t be wearing masks in their homes.

According to DR. Anthony Fauci, the Omicron variant has the potential to infect millions of people in the near future irrespective of the vaccination coverage.

COVID-19 hospitalizations in the country have increased in recent months due to the Delta variant surge, and this is affecting healthcare facilities as well. The new Omicron variant, on the other hand, is thought to be more contagious, but patients have reported milder symptoms. This could push some already overburdened healthcare systems over the edge.

Traveling and gathering for Christmas and New Year’s can be done safely among those who have been immunized, and getting booster shots into the arms of vaccinated Americans is critical for increasing antibody response to fight against the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

People who have received their vaccinations and booster shots are thought to be well protected against the COVID variant Omicron and President Biden along with Dr. Fauci are urging people who have not yet received their vaccinations to do so before traveling.

The older population is vaccinated at a higher rate than the younger population, but the new strain is expected to hurt the young population more. According to the available data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the proportion of younger people among all virus deaths in the United States has increased this year, but the proportion of older people has increased in the last two months.

“It’s going to take over,” Fauci says, urging people to get their booster shots as soon as possible. He also suggested that people wear masks indoors.