It hasn’t been an entire week, and Windows 11 has effectively been effectively ported over to a cell phone. An exceptionally dedicated understudy of designing, Gustave Monce, distributed a video to YouTube showing the most recent engineer review of Windows 11 running on an old Windows Phone.

The telephone is a Lumia 950 XL, which you may recollect once attempted to introduce the period of Windows 10 Mobile. It was additionally the last Windows Mobile telephone, and is presently some way or another a bonafide authority’s thing.

“It all started really five years ago, when Windows 10 Mobile was near obsolescence,” Monce said in a meeting with The Verge about the Lumia WOA Project.

Monce is directly about Windows Phone being in a close eradication stage at that point. The stage was battling even before then to clutch its scarcely 2% piece of the pie as Android and iOS gadgets multiplied.

“As time went on and we started talking about it, discussion groups formed and in turn we had a community of people interested in running full Windows 10 on Lumia 950s,” Monce revealed to The Verge.

The group presently comprises of 15 individuals dealing with the WOA Project. They cooperated on the Windows 11 port by figuring out the work they had effectively finished with Windows 10 and 10X.

Android clients have additionally gotten in on the Doing It Because You Can fun, in the event that you’re the kind of individual who calls something like this “fun”— I don’t, however I likewise had a mental meltdown fixing the CSS on my site, so that is what I’m accustomed to. XDA surfaced how engineers behind The Renegade Project got Windows 11 to boot on an OnePlus 6T. It even has a portion of the working framework’s center capacities filling in as expected, including Bluetooth and USB input. The genuine work area size is little and cut, however something else, it’s good times! Pure fun!