Rising COVID- A New York City elementary school has been forced to become the second public school this academic year to go all-remote for a period of time due to 19 cases. Following the first closure, COVID made significant policy modifications.

The city is stepping up efforts to get newly eligible youngsters aged 5 to 11 vaccinated, so P.S. 166 in Queens will be closed for ten days starting Wednesday.

NYC Elementary School Forced To Become All-Remote To COVID Spike

Nearly half of the school’s 58 classes were at risk of being closed, according to the DOE’s daily COVID case map, but the department permitted them to remain open while the cases were investigated.

NYC Elementary School Forced To Become All-Remote To COVID Spike

New York City Public Schools’ COVID-19

“With all school employees vaccinated and a 0.19 percent positive rate, New York City schools are the gold standard for health and safety,” according to a department official. “This is the first school closure since September, but we’re prepared to help — every student at PS 166 has a device that allows them to participate in live remote learning, and we’re working closely with the school community.”

“This is our second school closure, and it’s November 10, so that shows we’re doing something well,” Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter later said.

The DOE closed the schools on Wednesday, the same day a vaccination push was scheduled to take place there, and will reopen on November 22. When kids return to class, the pop-up will be rescheduled, according to administrators.

Rising COVID- A New York City primary school has been forced to resort to remote learning due to 19 instances, making it the second public school in the city to do so this academic year. Myles Miller of NBC New York has more.

According to the DOE, 126 classrooms out of 65,000 in the five boroughs are currently quarantined.

More than 31,000 pupils have been vaccinated since the city began inoculating younger children last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, with more than 10,000 of those vaccinations taking place in schools. 4,500 children were dosed on the first day of this week’s in-school vaccination push, and another 5,800 or so were vaccinated on Tuesday. This represents 4.7 percent of all New York City children aged 5 to 11 years old, and the number is likely to continue to rise as the citywide in-school initiative continues.

The program will be suspended on Thursday due to city school closures for Veterans Day and will resume on Friday. The effort is set to end on Monday, but de Blasio has stated that if demand exists, the city will expand the in-school vaccine option.

COVID Vaccine Incentive for Kids Ages 5-11 Launched in New York

Since last week, 24,000 NYC kids ages 5 to 11 have been vaccinated for COVID, according to Monday’s figures on the first day of the citywide in-school program.

Gov. Kathy Hochul introduced a new vaccine incentive in an effort to vaccinate the newly eligible, which will help children prepare for college in the future. Hochul unveiled his “Vaccinate. Educate. Graduate” initiative on Tuesday.