The number of youngsters throughout the nation who have been infected with COVID-19 has decreased this week, but it remains at alarmingly high levels: “Since the end of June, the stock has increased by more than 2,700 percent. According to the organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics published fresh statistics on Monday indicating that the number of cases among youngsters has “grown dramatically” in recent weeks.

The Number Of Cases Among Children Has ‘Risen ‘

Last week, more than 243,000 kids were infected, a decrease from the previous week’s almost 252,000 instances, but still, the “2nd greatest number of kid infections in a week since the epidemic started,” according to the latest statistics. According to AAP statistics, this represents a significant increase above the 8,447 instances recorded at the end of June and the 12,100 cases reported at the beginning of July.

The surprising increase comes as even more schools revert to face-to-face instruction and as tensions rise over immunization and mask requirements being implemented throughout the country. Putin is preparing to separate himself from his closest circle as a result of the COVID-19 instances.

The Number Of Cases Among Children Has 'risen Dramatically'

The Kremlin said Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had entered a state of self-isolation due to coronavirus infections in his closest circle. Putin, however, tested negative for COVID-19, according to Kremlin. Putin has received two doses of the coronavirus vaccination Sputnik V, the second of which he received in April. He is completely protected against the virus.

Despite the fact that Putin is “totally well,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov warned reporters that he would self-isolate if he came into touch with someone who has acquired the illness. He did not specify how longer Putin would stay in self-imposed exile, but he did guarantee that the president would continue to conduct business as normal.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a number of public engagements. He met with Russian Paralympians and took part in military drills conducted in cooperation with Belarus. He also met Syrian President Bashar Assad during his visit to the country. At the discussion with Paralympians, Putin said that he “may have to quarantine” himself in the near future.

Questioned as to the reason for Putin’s continued participation in public activities on Monday, Peskov stated that the choice to self-isolate was taken after “doctors finished their tests and procedures.” Peskov stated that “no one’s health was jeopardized” during Monday’s protests and festivities. In recent weeks, Russia’s current coronavirus infections have reached a plateau of approximately 17,000-18,000, with the daily death toll staying just around 800, which is the highest level seen during the pandemic’s early stages. Despite this, there are very few viral limitations in effect in Russia at the present time. Which people would be able to receive a booster vaccination shot?

COVID-19 vaccination boosters may be made accessible to all vaccinated Americans within a week of their first availability. However, the details of who will be eligible and when they will be eligible will not be determined until two important scientific advisory groups meet a few days just before the Biden administration’s scheduled start date of Sept. 20.