Consistently on second Wednesday of March is seen as ‘No Smoking Day’ to raise awareness against the negative impacts of smoking tobacco. The reason being tobacco an extremely serious issue on the world particularly in India.

A new overview conducted by ‘Consumer VOICE’ among adults in 10 states found that more than 80% of Indians accept that the utilization of cigarettes, bidis and smokeless tobacco is an intense issue and 88% strongly support the strengthening of the current tobacco control law to address this danger.

Here are a few tips for causing you and your loved ones quit smoking:

  • Ensure you discard of everything related with smoking, like lighter, ash tray etc.
  • Watch recordings or listen to podcasts that describe the ill effects of smoking in extraordinary detail.
  • Have a go at avoiding caffeine to reduce the craving for nicotine.
  • Approach NGOs or different groups and associations that help in getting rid of addictions.
  • Associate with friends who don’t smoke and visit puts that don’t allow smoking.
  • Ensure that you take adequate rest and follow a healthy lifestyle as tiredness and fatigue can cause longing for nicotine.
  • Keep your body hydrated and exercise routinely.
  • Download applications that are intended for helping with stopping smoking.
  • Create a group of friends and family where you can ask for support when you feel set off to smoke.
  • Keep contacts of ‘quit smoking’ helplines convenient.
  • Try taking Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
  • Guarantee that you have things to help you sail through during the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Make note of things that will turn out to be better after you have at long last stopped and put it as your telephone wallpaper so you are helped to remember it from time to time.