As per the report, last year when the pandemic was at its peak level and the availability of the vaccine was very low, fewer people traveled and celebrated Christmas day with big gatherings. This year the situation seems the same but the severity level has reduced due to the wide availability of vaccines for the entire population in the United States. 

No Changes In The Plan To Celebrate The Holiday Season

The time from which the pandemic started across the globe, people have been dealing with it since then. The different variants keep on coming since then. After the Delta variant, the omicron version of the coronavirus is on its way to reaching its peak in some weeks and will take over the previous subtype of the covid 19 virus. 

According to the latest data available, omicron cases are on a rise in the US. Amidst such conditions, there is debate over whether it is right to consider going on holiday and conducting big indoor and outdoor gatherings is a great idea or not.

The Chief Medical Advisor of White House Dr. Anthony Fauci said that for people who are vaccinated, it is quite safer than the unvaccinated one. Those who have received both doses of vaccine are still at low risk of getting infected with the omicron variant. The people who are still unvaccinated could be at potential risk of infection as the transmissible rate of the new variant is very high.

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that If your family and friends are fully vaccinated then you can also enjoy small gatherings at home and must refrain from going to big parties. In the past two weeks, the number of patients affected by covid who have been hospitalized has been increased by 24℅. As per the US CDC, the average of the last seven days of hospital admissions stood at 68,400 cases. This data was revealed by the US Department of Health and Human Services

Currently, more than 58 million American citizens are not vaccinated and they contain a major risk of the omicron variant infection. Also, these non-vaccinated people are a serious threat for the fully vaccinated citizens as they will be the big reason for the outbreak of the omicron variant in the States in some weeks. 

The current statistics show the covid 19 cases have crossed average per day cases of 130,000 and the Delta variant is at its peak this December. While it still remains one of the dominant strains in the US, the cases of omicron variants are also rising at an alarming rate. As per Fauci, You must ask yourself certain questions about your safety and family protection before entering large, public indoor spaces.

Therefore, under such situations, people need to wear masks at all costs when visiting outdoors. According to public health experts, you must keep yourself protected in every way possible and must adhere to the rules to avoid infection. The best way to stay safe and secure at this time is to get vaccinated and receive a booster shot.