A number of NFL players, notably wide receiver Antonio Brown of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have been accused of carrying phony Covid-19 immunization certificates to avoid league rules.

An exclusive report by the Tampa Bay Times reveals the accusations made by Brown’s former personal chef, Steven Ruiz.

NFL Is Initiating An Inquiry About Receiving A Fake Vaccination Card

NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy stated in a statement to the media that the league is aware of the matter and has discussed it with the team.

We’re going to investigate this more. He claims that Brown’s girlfriend called him and asked whether Ruiz could get fraudulent Johnson & Johnson vaccination certificates for her, with Brown promising to pay him $500 in exchange.

NFL Is Initiating An Inquiry About Receiving A Fake Vaccination Card

Ruiz explains the discussion in a New York Times interview. The New York Times said that Ruiz and Brown’s girlfriend exchanged text messages in July, which was released as a snapshot of their purported dialogue.

While Cydney Moreau informed Ruiz that he couldn’t acquire phony Covid-19 cards, Brown had previously shown him fake immunization cards, according to Ruiz in an interview with the New York Times. Ruiz claims that Brown had misgivings about immunization before its administration. According to Ruiz, Brown owes him $10,000 and only talked to the New York Times after the two parties were unsuccessful in their efforts to come to an agreement.

Attorney Sean Burstyn claims that Brown has received a flu vaccine in a statement made public. To the media, Burstyn has released an official statement. Tampa Bay Times reports that Brown is aware of the seriousness of the epidemic, which is why he decided to be vaccinated. He also recommends that everyone who thinks it’s in their best interest to be vaccinated do the same.

He was forced to withdraw from an upcoming game owing to sickness because of the Coronavirus. Despite his age, he seems to be in outstanding physical condition, having had all of his recommended vaccinations, and ready to win another Super Bowl as one of the most horrifying aspects of the pandemic, a misleading and vicious tabloid campaign to discredit our country’s vaccination efforts has been one of the most terrible characteristics of this sickness.

On Thursday, the Buccaneers issued a statement in response to the Tampa Bay Times report, although they did not explicitly reference Brown in their statement. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have received total immunization cards from all of its players after an exhaustive educational campaign that highlighted the advantages of the COVID-19 vaccinations throughout the summer.

In line with league regulation, the club then provided the necessary information to league authorities through the prescribed method.

All immunization cards were thoroughly examined by Buccaneers officials, who discovered no irregularities. Players’ immunization status is verified by the league’s medical staff for each of the NFL’s 32 teams.

According to McCarthy, no clubs reported any concerns throughout the verification process. The league’s laws regulating player and team behavior would be investigated if a team member or player attempted to use a counterfeit or phony card. In addition, it is a federal criminal offense that may be prosecuted.