42 States in the US are experiencing a surge in the number of deaths due to COVID 19. Combined with the spread of the more dangerous Delta variant, reopening has caused great concerns among the general public.

14 States reported an increase of over 50% in the number of deaths because of COVID 19. For the remaining 28 States, the same is 10%.

News Is Shared With Keeping Facts Intact. Nonfactual Data Can Be Misleading.

Alabama is one of the worst-hit States by the present surge in the number of COVID 19 hospitalizations and deaths. The authorities there are now using mobile trailers to store dead bodies. There is no place to keep those bodies, they said. The numbers of hospitalizations and deaths continue to skyrocket there. It even prompted the officials to activate two of its four refrigerated trailers.

Refrigerated trailers are meant for use for mass events when a large number of bodies happen to appear at the same time. This is what the State is witnessing nowadays.

News Is Shared With Keeping Facts Intact. Nonfactual Data Can Be Misleading.

The State has no place to keep the bodies. The healthcare sector here is facing a crisis. And officials are unable to determine how long they will be able to hold on.

On Thursday, Alabama saw 50 deaths. The numbers continued to remain double-digits for the past 21 days.

Last week, more than 5,571 children tested positive for COVID 19 here. And health officials are unable to determine from where they contract the virus.  The test positivity rate in Alabama is 23% at present. This is one among the highest in the country.

Alabama is witnessing a surge in the number of pediatric hospitalizations in recent days. This Thursday, 2,879 people were hospitalized due to COVID 19. 45 among them are children. More than five among them require ventilator support.

A large number of schools are having a hard time remaining open.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention consider all the States in the country as high-transmission areas. According to the agency, the rate of transmission in an area is high if the seven-day average of new cases for 100000 people is above 100. Almost 32% of adolescents are fully vaccinated. They are considered to be the toughest to inoculate. As per the data available, up to 86% of the adolescents who received the first dose would receive the second dose. This. According to health officials, is a must to receive maximum protection. CDC also highlights the significance of vaccinating children as schools reopen.

Raising the rate of vaccination along with COVID 19 safety protocols, authorities believe, will curb the pandemic.

This season, however, is proving the most dangerous for certain States and school districts. They are seeing hundreds of students getting infected with COVID 19. They are being quarantined in their respective jurisdictions.

The State of Mississippi had to quarantine 28,990 during the time period of August 16 and 20. The same is the situation in California. The exact number of new students being quarantined or had to be quarantined is still unknown. Schools never mention names in their reports. They give numbers.

Health officials, in the meantime, warn that resources are stretched beyond limits. Certain hospitals are pausing elective procedures that require overnight stay there to handle the continuing flow of COVID 19 patients.

The shortage is not limited to staff and beds. Hospitals are experiencing an acute shortage of the treatments like monoclonal antibodies.

In June, FDA authorized Actemra for emergency use across the country. The treatment minimizes inflammation.

The medicine has been in use for rheumatoid arthritis. Still, the company at present has no medicine to administer to every single patient.

The company promises to expand its manufacturing capacity. But with the current surge, the country may experience its shortage at regular intervals.