Some of the world’s most exquisite jewelry comes from the Diamond District in New York City. It is not the place that is special but the jeweler that is there to cater to every need of their customers. Sean Diamond is a jeweler based in New York City who has now brought his signature style and flavor to Miami. We will get to know why he is excited about the move and what makes Miami such a special location for him.

“Miami is a flashy city filled with the biggest and best of everything. The city is no less into fine jewelry than any other big city. I have clients in Miami and as the clientele is growing, I plan to serve them there,” says Sean. It is no secret that Miami, Florida is home to many famous actors, singers, rappers, producers, and directors. This makes it a hot spot for custom jewelry and diamonds as these are very tending among this group. Sean Diamond has a clientele that spreads to Miami. This will keep growing in the days to come.

Sean then says, “Everyone knows that the best jewelry in the world comes in and out of the Diamond District. I plan on bringing the Diamond District close to the people of Miami. They already have a taste for some of the finest jewelry in the world.” The Diamond District is a well-known location for those looking for just the best jewelry. Miami is a huge market for this and Sean is very ambitious for his prospects in the beached city. It seems like Sean will be willing to make no exceptions when it comes to delivering the same quality of jewelry that people expect to find when they go to the Diamond District.

Many jewelers consider this business as their hustle or career but this is something different for Sean Diamond. He has been very passionate about this from a very tender age. “I entered this business at the age of 13 and was taken by the glimmer of jewelry. It began with just buying, selling, and upgrading my collection. Once people saw my talent, they came to me for it, and then I formed a clientele,” says Sean telling us about the start of his career.

Sean Diamond is excited and ambitious for Miami but he plans to stay true to his signature style. “I plan to give my clients in Miami nothing less than A1 customer service and continue to grow to be a one-stopshop for all their custom diamond jewelry and watch needs. It will always be a seamless step-by-step process from design to production to delivery everything made optimal for my clients,” adds Sean in the end. It shows that the Diamond District is not a shopping destination but a personalized and extravagant style that is brought in by jewelers like Sean Diamond.