The White House Administration under the leadership of President Joe Biden and Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Anthony Fauci has been taking major precautionary steps in the wake of the upcoming wave of the Covid 19 virus in the United States.

40 New Pop Up Vaccination Centers Set Up In The New York State

It has been expected that the deadly combination of the delta version and omicron variant will create havoc in the United States and hospital admissions and death rates will increase drastically.

40 New Pop Up Vaccination Centers Set Up In The New York State

As winters are arriving and the spread of the omicron variant could reach its peak, it is not safe for the nation to stay unvaccinated, stated President Joe Biden. Certain steps need to be taken in accordance with the number of cases coming up and even certain states have included a mask mandate rule in their latest precautionary actions to curb the new variant cases. 

With the reports coming up, the major news that came out today was that Governor Kathy Hochul announced the deployment of nearly 40 new pop-up sites for the NYC citizens to get vaccinated at the earliest. This is done keeping in mind the winter surge and the increasing omicron cases. 

According to the data received, these sites will begin to launch by 21 December and will be completed within a few weeks. The entire project will be completed in coordination with and support of local health centers as well as the community partners. The motive behind this move is to reach out to a maximum number of people and get them vaccinated with full enthusiasm to keep themselves and their families protected during the Christmas and New Year celebrations in the State. 

In response to the winter surge, the administration has proved that our health officials and citizens will fight against the attack of the omicron variant. The primary and major precautionary measures against the virus are to get vaccinated with both doses and receive a booster dose if eligible and wear a mask when in public spaces. To reduce the surge in the omicron variant cases people need to start getting tested. 

The state will continue to work with its partners including both local and community public health centers. The boosters and the vaccines need to be provided in ample amounts at all the health care agencies to make it easy for people to visit the nearest sites and receive their jabs. Also, the state gives proper response to the countries that need assistance in improving their vaccination rates. 

In the progress of the step taken, the two vaccination sites in Binghamton and Queensbury have paved the way for free COVID testing for the people so that they can easily get tested and if they want to travel proper precautions can be taken. 

As per Kathy Hochul, It is important for people to get themselves tested before and after visiting their friends and relatives. Be it a domestic or international flight, everyone has to follow the CDC travel guidelines. Also, if you are not feeling well, you are advised to remain at your home and get tested within 2-3 days if mild symptoms are detected.