Since the emergence of the new COVID-19 variant in South Africa, most countries are being affected by its increasing numbers on a daily basis. As per The World Health Organization and other medical agencies in the United States, the Omicron variant is more transmissible and spreads more quickly. Officials have warned the country to be cautious because the numbers are doubling every day and within some weeks this new variant will surely become the dominant strain in the United States.

New Omicron Cases Increase In Some Areas Of The Country

With the new variant, Omicron, affecting the entire country, the supreme court appeal has reinstated mandatory COVID-19 vaccine or testing for large businesses nationwide after an application submitted to the supreme court by President Biden. This number encompasses approximately 80 million Americans, prompting a rush to the Supreme Court to ask for and intervene in the decision.

New Omicron Cases Increase In Some Areas Of The Country

After the first case was detected in California, the sudden rise in the omicron cases in other parts of the country started to give a lot of tension to the medical authorities. New York might become the new epicenter for the rise in the omicron cases in the US as the number of Omicron cases in the state of New York is also increasing at an alarming rate and setting a new record. 

The positivity rate in some parts of the US has been continuously rising and the latest example is from NYC where the infection positivity rate has just doubled in 4 days which is a clear indication that the state is moving towards community transmission.

As per some reports, the shortage of testing may become a new reason for the widespread of the new variant, and the Federal Government has to take some serious steps to increase the testing facility in the country. 

The Omicron adds new risks and a healthcare emergency to the pandemic. Officials in New York are working to secure the necessary number of test kits and to expand the city’s healthcare capacity. Not only New York, but other states like New Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, California are witnessing an increase in COVID-19 cases on a regular basis. Because of the unmanageable number of cases, the healthcare system might collapse, feared medical experts stated.

Even if only a small percentage of the people require hospitalization, a sudden surge in cases can still overwhelm the healthcare system. When compared to the previous variant of the COVID-19, the children have a 20% increased risk of hospitalization.

The Delta variant has also not stopped in the country, and it is still causing hospitalizations in the United States. The Omicron variant appears to affect most people due to its high transmissibility and ability to evade immune protection and with the upcoming wave, both variants will shake the medical system of the United States.

As the number of cases in the country rises dramatically, the White House is attempting to make tests more accessible to the general public.