This is the day when people pay tribute to and honour doctors for their tireless service. Doctors are the guardians of health. As a Chinese proverb says, “Only the healing art enables one to make a name for himself and, at the same time, give others the benefit.” Well, the tireless service of the doctors deserves to be commemorated. That is why in India, July 1 is celebrated as the National Doctor’s Day.

The aim of National Doctor’s Day is to honour the contributions of doctors to the general public. Individuals and institutes celebrate this day to make mindfulness among the basic open about the significance and role of doctors. It is an incredible method to energize and value their work. People say that doctors are Gods on earth. This is because they can give the gift of health to people who might not live otherwise. The increasing violence against doctors in India makes the observance of National Doctor’s Day even more relevant and important. Ensuring the safety and security of doctors during their working hours is the need of the hour. That is why the the Indian Medical Association has announced the theme for this year National Doctor’s Day as ‘Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment.’

History behind National Doctor’s Day

Various parts of the world observes Doctor’s Day on various days. In India, July 1 was picked as National Doctor’s Day since it is the birth anniversary of the well known doctor Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Unintentionally, it is his demise anniversary as well. Aside from being a famous doctor, Dr. Roy was likewise an educationist, philanthropist and a freedom fighter. He was the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

As As already mentioned, the date of Doctor’s Day isn’t the equivalent in each nation. It was first celebrated in Georgia, US, on March 30, 1933. Eudora Brown Almond, wife of a noticeable specialist needed multi day only for perceiving and respecting doctors. She was the person who started this campaign. Eudora decided to mail greeting cards to all the doctors she knew and to place flowers on the graves of deceased doctors. She placed red carnations on the graves of these doctors. People still use red carnations for National Doctors’ Day celebrations across the globe as it symbolises sacrifice, charity, courage, bravery and love.

The right approach towards doctors

A year ago, the Indian Medical Association proclaimed checked first eighth July as the ‘Protected Fraternity Week’. India is a nation that observes regular demonstrations of brutality against therapeutic experts. As of late, in West Bengal, relatives of a patient beat up and seriously harmed a lesser specialist. This prompted a strike by the doctors in all administration emergency clinics, which before long spread through the entire country.which soon spread through the whole nation. People hold doctors in high esteem and put them on a pedestal. But, patients and their relatives should understand that they are not gods and remember that they can do everything within their means to save patients. They must understand that doctors cannot perform miracles. As such, violence against them is not justified and this mind set needs to change.

We should be thankful to them for their service and avoid calling them unnecessarily as they get very less time for themselves. Doctors deserve our respect and we must respect their personal space and be polite to them. Moreover, we must follow their instructions carefully and remember that, being human, they do not have superhuman powers.

Doctors work day in and day out for your health. So, this National Doctor’s Day, you can do your bit and thank your doctor.

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