On Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene finally admitted that she had not been immunized against the Covid-19 virus, addressing a question she had evaded for months. Greene had openly questioned the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines and circulated inaccurate information about their effectiveness.

She hasn’t always been vocal about it, but now that it is such a severe problem for her, she has begun to speak out more often about it. The Georgia Republican claimed that she had not had a vaccine when questioned about it at a phone town hall.

Ms. Greene, Has Not Yet Received The Covid-19 Immunization

It is the responsibility of every American to make that decision for themselves. In her opinion, the government has no business telling Americans whether or not they should get the Covid vaccination. According to the Washington Post, Greene, a conservative Republican who has a history of spreading conspiracy theories, has disseminated false information concerning vaccines that are accessible to the public in the United States.

Ms. Greene, Has Not Yet Received The Covid-19 Immunization

As a result, she said that the vaccinations had “failed” and that they had been unsuccessful in terms of slowing the spread of the virus. At the end of August, she said on Twitter that the United States Food and Drug Administration should disapprove of the Covid immunizations and that the vaccines were “failing.”

Greene’s Twitter account was banned a week ago as a result of the inaccuracies she tweeted, marking the latest in a series of actions taken by the social media firm against her for spreading incorrect information. For publishing false information about the Covid-19 virus and vaccinations on the social media network Twitter in July, Greene was banned from the platform for a period of 12 hours.

Three distinct Covid-19 vaccines have now been licensed for use in the United States, all of which have shown efficacy in reducing the spread of the virus and the incidence of severe infections that need hospitalization. So far, 57.6 percent of the population of the United States has received a complete immunization against the virus.

According to a study, as of May, Democratic members of Congress from both houses of Congress had a 100 percent immunization rate against the Covid-19 virus. Their performance in both houses of Congress was clearly superior to that of their Republican colleagues at the time. This demonstrated the wide disparity in political opinion about this epidemic in those days.

She is well-known in Washington as the rule-breaker, and she has broken the House rules by refusing to wear her mask on House floors, a decision that has resulted in her getting1 fined at least $48,000 for a total of 20 violations, the highest amount possible.

Greene attempted to have a minimum of one of her penalties deducted from her income, overturned in court, but she was unsuccessful. Democratic lawmakers enacted the bill last year during the early stages of the Covid-19 epidemic, just as the illness was beginning to spread.

Many Republican members, including Greene, have expressed opposition to the mask regulations, and some have flouted them and been fined as a consequence of their actions.