Millions of Russians will be subjected to strict fresh Covid-19 restrictions starting this week, following a sluggish vaccination campaign, an overburdened healthcare system, and widespread distrust in the government, which combined to push the country into the terminal phase of a pandemic to date.

In response to the city’s increasing problem, the mayor of Moscow ordered all unvaccinated citizens above the age of 60 and unvaccinated persons “suffering from chronic illnesses” to stay at home for four months until late February, according to the Moscow Times.

Moscow Has Ordered Unvaccinated Over-60s To Remain At Home

At the same time, the national government has proposed the introduction of a non-working week at the beginning of November, and top officials have begun to acknowledge that the situation is grave as Russia prepares for an unseasonably cold winter.

Russia has reported the most significant numbers of everyday cases and deaths on numerous occasions in recent days, and the country recorded a record of 1,028 confirmed fatalities on Wednesday, breaking the previous record of 893.

Moscow Has Ordered Unvaccinated Over-60s To Remain At Home

An inadequate vaccination campaign, as well as miscommunication from the government, experts say, are to blame for the outbreak, which was still threatening to overwhelm hospitals throughout the country.

“I have optimism that we will soon reach a point after which we will not be able to proceed any further, but the morbidity and death rates are still very high.

The hospitals are overburdened. “In his statement, Vlassov predicted that the number of fatalities will rise even higher by the end of the year. Furthermore, there are worries that Russia’s official statistics do not accurately represent the actual scope of the country’s public health crisis.

As Vlassov explains, “a person who died of pulmonary failure due to Covid is often included in the data as a person that died of respiratory failure due to another cause, but not due to Covid.

” “In Russia, high morbidity is seen as a signal of failure on the part of the government and society.” Concerns have previously been expressed in the media regarding Russian authorities underreporting the number of coronavirus deaths.

Russia’s counting system does not include a portion of the fatalities in the official statistics, which state that individuals died “as a result of Covid” rather than “as a result of Covid,” which is in violation of WHO guidelines.

Officials from the government have started to speak publicly about the severity of the situation.

During a meeting of the Covid-19 task force on Tuesday, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated that the responsibility on medical institutions is significantly increasing. In contrast, the governor of both the Oryol region, AndreyKlychkov, said recently that the region doesn’t even have the capacity to hospitalize any additional coronavirus patients.

“The most horrifying statistic is that we’ve had 1,854 beds ready when we arrived, as there are no longer free beds available today. Of course, we’ll free up as many beds as possible, and we’ll look into other arrangements. However, at the moment, there are no open beds, which causes significant worry, “Klychkov said during a live telecast over Instagram.