Momar Sakanoko french basketball prospect announced he is retiring from his basketball career after a successful season playing in La Liga for the club of bahia basket.

The french prospect did not extend his contract because he wants to achieve his dreams of entrepreneurship.

Momar launched the Be Great Company, a worldwide full service company serving some of the best talents, well-recognized brands and properties.

He recruited one of the best staff to work with him, Momar has brought some of the best agents, marketing experts, lawyers, film makers and more.

Momar wants to grow the company by helping top athletes realize their goals, develop brands strategies.

He also said he is looking to build the Be Great Charity which will help people in need around the world and give them a better opportunity.

Momar’s future is bright and his moves are encouraging. The ambition is what separates him from the rest, he said, “ Ambition is the first step to success”.

The be great company is on it’s way to the top and nothing should stop the french firm from growing.