Covid-19 is again surging in New York. Thus, the demand for testing has also increased manifold. Thus, price wars seem to have started already, leading to higher-than-normal rates for testing at healthcare facilities and centers. 

Misrepresentation Of Covid Tests Results Timings

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has issued an alert on Tuesday, asking consumers to report against excessive pricing of at-home testing kits. The office released the alert after getting reports of kits being sold in the markets at double or triple pricing. 

Misrepresentation Of Covid Tests Results Timings

The kits in question are the BinaxNOW brand tests which are being sold in the markets at $40-70 per packet. The test’s original price is supposed to be around $14-24 at various healthcare stores. New York has seen an unprecedented rise in Covid-19 cases, lately.

So, more New Yorkers are looking at at-home testing kits to get quick results. Moreover, many want to avoid the crowds in the facilities for testing. 

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked New Yorkers to immediately report exorbitant prices of the kits. It can compromise the safety and health of the citizens. Moreover, her office has already issued a warning for the sellers who are selling the kits at such exorbitant prices. 

New York law and order, is very strict in such matters. And, the authorities do take action against fraudsters who are taking advantage of the situation to control the pricing of test kits in the markets. 

The attorney’s office has also released a warning and action notice for Brooklyn-based LabQ Diagnostics for releasing false and a higher turn-around time for Covid-19 tests.

If the reports circulating in the market are to be believed, then the lab is making people wait for over 96 hours to deliver the results for the tests. However, the lab had previously advertised that they would deliver the reports in 48 hours. 

The letter was released by the attorney’s office on Monday itself. The letter asks the lab to update online, the timelines for the tests in actuality without any misrepresentation and false commitments. When the media reached out to the lab authorities, it did not receive any immediate feedback on the same. 

According to James, LabQ and other labs should let the consumers know, the actual time, by when they can receive the results. After Tuesday afternoon, LabQ released intimation on their website that consumers can expect to get their reports within 1-5 days, the reason being that there is a higher number of consumers waiting in the queue. 

Moreover, the attorney’s office has asked the lab to call up all the customers who have submitted their tests to the, to let them know of exact timelines. Mary Alestra, who is the special counsel at the attorney general’s office, has said that it is important to conduct business according to terms. 

During times of distress, all concerned parties should help each other in coming to a conclusive result at the appropriate and advertised time. It has also been agreed that the delay is due to a massive surge in Omicron variant infections.

But that should not act as a deterrent to the timelines advertised wholesomely on their online sites. This is supposed to be a consumer alert, that aims to stop price-gouging on its tracks.