On Friday, the USA crossed the death toll of over 760,000 and it is still increasing day by day. Booster shots, one of the most controversial topics right now, have again gained popularity when the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb commented on the issue. He said that the Federal Government is playing a major role in miscommunication over booster shots. 

Miscommunication Can Be The Mistake For The Federal Government

There are some states which include Colorado, California, and New Mexico who have already announced that those who feel the requirement of having a booster shot can visit the hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes that are authorized to offer booster shots to all the adults. 

Miscommunication Can Be The Mistake For The Federal Government

But there are certain states which have even filed a lawsuit against the Biden Government for mandating vaccination. The FDA commissioner said that the Federal government must clear all the information regarding who all are eligible to receive booster shots. 

Right now as per many reports and medical experts there can be a widespread of Covid-19 through deers and It has now again made people get their booster shots fastly. 

Dr. Scott Gottlieb also suggested that this can be one of the most failure steps and can have difficult consequences in the Long run. 

The miscommunication can lead to more deaths and hospitalization. Many states are running out of ICU beds, staff shortages, etc. In some states, the hospital staff is on strike due to the vaccine mandate.

The FDA commissioner also suggested that The White House must take this opportunity to propel perfect communication and encourage more Americans to avail the benefits of having a booster shot. He also stressed the fact that people have very little information and knowledge. They are unaware of the fact that who all needs to get a booster shot and when they will become eligible. 

If this opportunity is missed then the Federal government will surely fail to fight against the Delta variant and not encouraging people to get booster shots can cause deadly consequences for the entire nation. 

Right now CDC has given vaccination approval to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. He stressed the fact that there is much evidence that proves vaccines’ effectiveness is decreasing over a time period and it gives utmost importance to the booster shots. But the government has to take a clear stand on communication to grab the opportunity to provide booster shots to everyone.

Scott said that the declining effectiveness of the vaccines is a major concern but the immunity of the people taking vaccines also plays a major role. Don’t just go with the number of how many we have vaccinated but keep a check on the fact that how many people who have received the booster shots have proper protection against the virus.

Booster shots for Covid 19 have been recommended for all the Pfizer and Moderna vaccination recipients and every citizen of 65 years and above age.