The United States is crossing new milestones with each passing day when it comes to covid 19 and has become an epicenter for the disease. Although these milestones are not a thing to celebrate rather these statistics are creating an aura of threat and great concern amongst the citizens. The US has passed another grim in the list of Coronavirus infections. 

50 Million Covid Cases In The US With More Than 800,000 Deaths

The total infected cases due to coronavirus in the country have crossed the tally of 50 million and are still increasing every day and no one can predict when the increase in cases is coming to a halt. 

50 Million Covid Cases In The US With More Than 800,000 Deaths

As per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average daily number of cases of covid infections has crossed 120,000 and the predictions are it will surpass 150,000 by the end of the Christmas festival. 

According to the health authorities in the United States, 99.9 percent of the cases have been detected from the delta variant and it is still the most lethal strain of all. 

At present, the total known cases of infected citizens since the initial days of the pandemic are more than 50,006,000. 

Since the outbreak of the Omicron variant in South Africa during the last week of November, the infection spread across the world through different mediums and the major route is air travel. 

As per The World Health Organization, more than 30 countries have witnessed the cases of the new variant. It must be noted that right from the first day of the discovery, the Omicron variant has grasped everyone’s attention. Research labs and medical organizations from across the world are performing several tests to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the variant and analyze the effectiveness of the vaccines on this variant.

The new variant has posed a great threat among the health care workers and the researchers. Already the United States has not overcome the devastating effect of the delta variant and the new cases of the Omicron variant in the nation have created major concerning situations. 

Besides, the mutations of the new variant are creating further chaos among the researchers. According to the initial studies conducted the infected individuals with the Omicron variant show mild symptoms or no symptoms that increase the threat of further spread. 

Out of the 50 million cases in the US, more than 50 percent of the citizens got infected this year, and also this year’s death rate has exceeded the previous year’s death cases due to the lethal delta variant. 

The US CDC has announced that approximately 64 percent of the entire population, including kids, have been fully vaccinated and around 85 percent of the citizens have received at least a single dose of the vaccination. 

Scientists and health care professionals are suggesting that the threat of the Omicron variant can be prevented through vaccines as the maximum number of delta infections have been detected from the unvaccinated individuals.