Microsoft has been working away at a mystery new double screen Surface gadget throughout recent months. While the company has exploring different avenues regarding littler pocketable gadgets, it would seem that Microsoft is settling on a marginally bigger Surface gadget that could make a big appearance ahead of schedule one year from now. IHS Markit, a market surveying firm, presently guarantees that Microsoft’s double screen Surface will have two 9-inchdisplays with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Citing supply chain info, IHS Markit told Forbes that the device could be due in the first quarter or first half of 2020.

The gadget, codenamed Centaurus, will likewise apparently run Android apps as a feature of Microsoft’s new Windows Core OS (WCOS) operating system. Microsoft has been creating WCOS as the underpinnings for an increasingly lightweight rendition of Windows. This new OS resolution double screen gadgets and Chromebook contenders. “Windows Lite,” as it’s codenamed internally, is a more stripped-down version of Windows that is initially being prioritized for dual-screen devices like Centaurus.

An Android apps expansion would be an unexpected move from Microsoft, particularly on the off chance that it further undermines the company’s Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft should make its own Android application store, and persuade designers to alter their apps to work without Google Play Services get to. Huawei is in a comparable position, and making an elective Android app store hasn’t been successful for phone makers let alone laptop makers.

IHS Markit likewise trusts Microsoft’s double screen Surface gadget will utilize Intel’s most recent 10nm processors, with LTE or 5G connectivity. We comprehend Microsoft has been working intimately with Intel on its Surface Centaurus gadget. Intel has been pushing OEMs to make double screen equipment, and gadgets could seem much like Microsoft’s Courier idea, double screen workstations, or even foldable shows later on.

Microsoft as of late prodded this double screen Surface gadget during an inside worker just occasion, indicating that work has progressed to the stage it could be shown publicly soon. Microsoft likes to hold Surface events in New York City in October, and it’s feasible that if this dual-screen Surface device is going ahead then that will be the venue where we might get our first look at this new hardware.

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