Microsoft is adding new feature that will make turning Word documents into PowerPoint decks a lot simpler and improve work process. The new Office 365 element will before long be updated to permit clients to transform Word docs into PowerPoint slide decks with any ease.

The new feature has been made accessible to individuals from Microsoft’s initial access program. The new Transform choice can be utilized by means of the Microsoft Word web customer, under the File Transform menu.

When clients select to utilize the instrument in 365, it will incite them to choose a visual style to apply to the introduction. At that point it will produce a see in PowerPoint and drop the introduction document into Microsoft’s OneDrive.

The feature is as yet going through early access testing, however ought to before long be made accessible to all clients. Albeit changing Word docs rapidly into PowerPoint slide decks is moving, there are a few limitations.

As of now, the feature is just accessible in English. Certain internet browsers, for example, Safari are not being upheld nor is the Microsoft inheritance program Internet Explorer. The organization is pushing clients to move totally away from the old horse.

It just supports the transformation of text, and some other media won’t be changed or moved over from your Word doc to PowerPoint.

Microsoft’s Mohit Anand explained, ” We only support text content for the transformation to the presentation, and other media content is not currently available. You can add your own media to the presentation after you have transformed your Word document.” So though it’s a huge step in the right direction, it’s not perfect yet.